To meet the needs of the TOC era, the TOC needs to provide large indoor coverage capacity. Recently, Henan Mobile and Huawei completed the innovation verification of 5g indoor distributed massive MIMO based on digital room division at Guoshu station of Zhengzhou Metro Line 4. The downlink capacity of the cell exceeded 5.3gbps, refreshing the peak downlink throughput of 5g room division single cell.

Because 5g NR is the same frequency network, in some indoor heavy load scenarios, the distributed leather stations are densely deployed and limit split, the overlap between prru is serious, and the inter cell interference increases, which poses a major challenge to the network capacity of high-density heavy load scenarios. This scheme introduces the innovative concept of massive MIMO into the digital room subsystem, turns interference into enhanced signal, improves the capacity and experience by combining beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies, effectively solves the interference problem between indoor 5g cells, greatly improves the cell capacity and greatly improves the user experience.

After the indoor distributed massive MIMO is activated in Guoshu station of Zhengzhou railway line 4, the downlink capacity of 5g cell is increased from 1.1gbps to 5.3gbps, up to 4.8 times; The average user rate increased by more than 40%.

Indoor distributed massive MIMO technology opens up a new direction for the evolution of indoor 5g network capacity, realizes the elastic expansion of stock network, and will play a key role in high-density and heavy load scenarios such as transportation hubs and large venues. At the same time, enable new businesses in smart venues, smart parks, smart education and other fields, so that 5g network can play a greater social value.

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