On December 20, 2021, the 16th “China chip” integrated circuit industry promotion conference organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute with the theme of “China chip in the chain achieves made in China” was successfully held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Province. National Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “national technology”) n32g455 series general MCU products stand out from hundreds of products with excellent market performance and won the “excellent market performance product award” of 2021 China core.

As a wind vane for the development of China’s integrated circuit products and technologies, this “China core” selection activity is a national integrated circuit industry event implemented under the guidance of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology. It is also one of the most influential and authoritative industry conferences in the field of domestic integrated circuits. The award aims to encourage and affirm product and technological innovation in the field of domestic integrated circuits, influence and drive the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry. This award confirms the leadership and market influence of national technology products and technologies.

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Excellent market performance Product Award

The award-winning national technology n32g455 series general MCU integrates a number of advantageous technologies. Based on the industry-leading 40nm eflash process platform and integrating a number of leading technologies of the company, it has excellent performance in applications such as high integration, high reliability, high performance, high safety and low power consumption. It has been applied in batches to industrial robots, elevator controllers, IPC, industrial unmanned aerial vehicles LED screen control, magnetic levitation linear motor and other industrial applications; Digital power supply, PLC, UPS, photovoltaic inverter, BMS and other energy applications; Refrigerator, sweeping robot, intelligent lighting and other smart home appliance applications; Applications of consumer electronic products such as TWS, educational robots, household medical equipment, sports cameras and photographic equipment; It has been widely used in automotive electronics, new energy electric vehicles, finance, security and medical electronics, and has more than 100 product application cases.

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In recent years, the development of China’s semiconductor industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities. Domestic semiconductor enterprises are forging ahead in the new situation of international trade, domestic substitution and the rapid development of market application.

National technology will practice the concept of innovation serving the whole people with more advanced, more efficient and safer technology, constantly strengthen R & D strength, gather cutting-edge talents and improve technology, constantly provide better products and services for the market and customers, and help the rapid development of China’s “core” cause with practical actions.

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