On July 22, it was learned from State Grid Hebei electric power company that the inspection, storage and distribution integrated material center of State Grid Hebei Power xiong’an power grid construction has been officially put into operation recently, providing strong material guarantee for the large-scale construction of power grid in xiong’an new area.

The center has built the first set of integrated platform for inspection, storage and distribution of distribution network equipment in China, realizing the transformation from traditional warehouse to comprehensive service center of inspection, storage and distribution, integrating the three links of material storage, quality inspection and active distribution, so as to create an efficient and intelligent material supply chain that meets the requirements of modern intelligent supply. Compared with the traditional warehouse, the storage capacity is increased by more than 4 times, the operation efficiency is increased by more than 3 times, and the material sampling period can be shortened by 70%. The material supply capacity can reach more than 1.5 times of the peak demand of xiong’an power grid construction, which will provide efficient integrated linkage and one-stop service for the power grid construction in the new area.

Hebei xiong'an power grid inspection, storage and distribution integrated material center has been put into operation, opening the smart supply chain mode

The material center of xiong’an power grid can realize intelligent detection. The central control room of the detection center has 24-hour panoramic monitoring, intelligent scheduling, test management and other functions. The integrated detection system of distribution transformer in the detection center is the first set of integrated box type substation and distribution transformer test system in China. Multiple tests are completed in one connection, which greatly improves the detection efficiency. Data management realizes the completion of the test, generates the test report in real time, and uploads it to the integrated platform of “inspection, storage and distribution”.

The material center of xiong’an power grid can realize platform management. Relying on the whole process management platform, it has five functions: task management, transportation system, test system, data management and comprehensive management. The task management realizes one key order, and the inspected materials flow automatically and orderly among different working positions; it has intelligent control function, opens up green channel for emergency materials as required, and realizes on-site inspection.

The material center of xiong’an power grid can realize automatic storage and unmanned operation. The intelligent warehouse center is equipped with industry-leading equipment, such as automatic stereo shelf, AGV unmanned forklift, fully automatic unmanned driving, blind sample production and conveying line, which can realize the efficient cooperation of man-machine operation of warehousing, inventory and location management, and realize the inspection of materials upon arrival and the availability of materials out of the warehouse.

We should fully mobilize the transportation resources of all parties in society, build a special material distribution network of xiong’an power grid sharing and win-win with social capital, and support the participation of large-scale logistics providers, local small and medium-sized motorcycles and special material transportation teams. Establish the distribution mechanism of “external support system of inspection, storage and distribution integration platform and social resource sharing”, so as to realize the delivery of xiongan materials before 12:00 of the day, the delivery of orders before 24:00, and the delivery of emergency materials within 2 hours.

The construction of “13 n” provincial material guarantee resource pool with material center as the core, xiong’an three county storage points as the support, and the storage resources of all cities in Southern Hebei Power Grid as the rear, can dispatch the material resources of the whole province at any time, and provide one key material service guarantee for the construction of xiong’an power grid.

It is understood that the period from 2020 to 2022 will be the first peak period for centralized construction of xiong’an power grid. This year alone, 22 power grid projects will be constructed simultaneously. The commissioning of the material center of xiong’an power grid will ensure the high quality and timely delivery of each transformer, wire and switch, laying a solid foundation for the “xiong’an quality” of the power grid.

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