At the beginning of 2020, the state proposed to speed up the new infrastructure construction as a long-term strategic task of the country. As the foundation of the new infrastructure, sensors will also usher in huge development space. The new infrastructure provides a broad application environment for sensors, and greatly promotes the technological innovation and industrial development of sensors. In the future, China’s sensor market will grow at a high speed. Under the policy, there are also external factors to stimulate. The new epidemic situation at the beginning of the year has brought unprecedented challenges to the world. At the same time, we also see the power of science and technology in the fight against the epidemic. In the epidemic situation, telemedicine and intelligent travel are booming, and sensors are indispensable to medical equipment such as ventilators and thermometers. In the post epidemic era, with the acceleration of digital transformation of enterprises, sensors will continue to help these enterprises maintain their core competitiveness.

In order to promote the exchange of sensor industry between China and foreign countries, show hot landing business cases, and promote the efficient docking of projects, sensor is an Asian sensor grand gathering organized by China’s Ministry of industry and information technology and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and organized by China sensor and Internet of things industry alliance and Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd China will be held in Shanghai international purchasing Exhibition Center from September 23 to 25. As the annual carnival of the sensor industry, sensor China has been held for four consecutive times, becoming a professional platform for gathering the core strength of sensors and providing opportunities for communication and docking. With the theme of “we make connections”, this conference is committed to connecting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, connecting technology and capital, connecting supply and demand sides, and connecting the smart future. At that time, 350 + exhibitors and 15000 + visitors will gather together, and there will be 15 + forums at the same time, which will present a feast of technology, business and ideas for you. For details, click the link:

New stars of automobile sensors emerge, industrial sensors still maintain luxury lineup, and jointly compose a new sensing era

IDTechEx analyzes 9 main sensor application markets. The market share of automotive, medical and consumer sensors is large. Influenced by the development trend of automotive electrification, networking and intelligence, more and more sensors are used in automobiles. In recent years, people’s medical awareness has gradually increased, and the sales volume of wearable medical devices has increased rapidly, and the market scale of medical sensors is considerable. The rapid development of smart phones and flat panel boards is one of the main driving forces for the rapid expansion of consumer sensor market.

Global sensor market forecast by application area from 2021 to 2041

Note: data from IDTechEx

This trend is also reflected in sensor China. This year, the number of automobile sensor and industry chain exhibitors has increased significantly. Feien microelectronics, Shanghai Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd., Sijie Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Zhongke Yinhe Star Co., Ltd., Jude Shou, Xinli Gan, SGX, Wuhan micro nano, shunluo electronics, etc. will appear together, bringing industrial trends and sharing of innovative products.

When it comes to sensor China, it must be known to the industry in the sensor industry. After four years of experience, sensor China has become the wind vane of Asian sensor industry. This year, sensor China has not only increased the scale of automobile sensors, but also kept the “classic project”, i.e. industrial sensor and industrial chain product display.

Sensors have a long history of application in the industrial field. What is the industrial structure now? According to the data of CCID consultants, in the market structure of China’s sensor industry manufacturing field in 2019, the market scale of flow sensor is 9.94 billion yuan, accounting for 21.5%; the market scale of pressure sensor is 6.83 billion yuan, accounting for 14.8%.

Note: data from CCID Consultants

Te, Drucker, Baoji Mac, Nanjing wotian, etc. showed up in the sensor China pressure sensor exhibition area with the latest technology and products. In addition, sensor China gas sensors, infrared sensors and MEMS sensor companies are basically all in place. Hanwei Technology Group Co., Ltd., Shengmi Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., suner (Chengdu) gas sensor Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Pusheng Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. and other star enterprises will bring innovative products to the gas sensor exhibition area. The infrared sensor exhibition area includes Wuhan Sifang optoelectronics, Shanghai Yeying electronics, Hangzhou Jinghua Microelectronics Co., Ltd., InfraTec infrared sensor and test technology company, etc. Sensor China has invited golfer Co., Ltd., Suzhou Minxin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Mattel Electronics Co., Ltd. to fully display the latest MEMS technology and innovative products. Sensor China will bring many powerful exhibitors together to upgrade the sensor industry.

List of some exhibitors

Three characteristic exhibition areas, three supply and demand docking meetings, and 10 + enterprises’ special docking meeting outline the comprehensive connection scene

Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the three-year action plan to promote the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. Miao Wei, the former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, proposed to establish national manufacturing innovation centers such as intelligent sensors, intelligent networked vehicles, and promote the construction of artificial intelligence and Internet of vehicles pilot areas.

Sensor China will create three special exhibition areas this year, including Zhilian traffic scene area, environment and water affairs scene area and intelligent building scene area, to jointly present a grand feast of “Scene reproduction + technical decomposition” for the audience. The environment and water affairs scene exhibition area is the exhibition area to be built this year. It will display the innovation scheme of intelligent environment and water system based on the Internet of things + big data analysis technology of water environment. With this theme of activities, sensor China still has a big move. The smart environment / water affairs special committee officially prepares the Shanghai environment and water manufacturing industry innovation center in accordance with the document “implementation plan of Shanghai manufacturing innovation center construction project” issued by Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. The innovation center has received the full support of many alliance member units. The conference will also hold a licensing and certificate issuing ceremony for the initiators and members who actively participate in the construction of the innovation center. The intelligent building scene exhibition area will focus on the innovative application of various intelligent buildings for a comprehensive display.

There are unlimited business opportunities for the three major supply and demand docking meetings. Which “big buyers” have come?

The purpose of this docking meeting is to create a smart city, smart water service, Zhilian transportation industry docking ceremony. Smart city buyers represented by Shanghai Metro, Biguiyuan and Gretel will jointly attend the event, hoping to have a collision with sensor manufacturers such as smoke sensor, pressure sensor and infrared sensor to inspire inspiration. The smart water service workshop gathered representatives from Liancheng group, Shangshi longchuang, Shanghai Kaiquan, Shanghai Chengtou, etc., focusing on wireless sensors, pressure sensors, etc. Zhilian transportation has gathered powerful buyers such as SAIC Group, Geely Automobile and NiO, and is committed to realizing electrification and intellectualization quickly through sensors. The gathering of big buyers in the circle fully reflects the super cohesive force of sensor China.

In addition, in line with the principle of all-round service for sensor enterprises and industry people, sensor China also set up a special 10 + enterprise docking meeting, which was jointly presented by Haier, Lanzhou Lanshi group and Bangbang robot. Sensor China will provide a professional docking platform to facilitate face-to-face communication between suppliers and purchasers, provide reliable supplier resources for purchasers, reduce sourcing costs of purchasers, and truly realize mutual benefit and win-win situation between suppliers and purchasers.

It is worth mentioning that sensor China will also hold a 10 + Summit Forum in the same period. As a popular project of sensor China, this year, as always, invited industry leaders to come to the scene to exchange views, based on technological innovation, policy and industrial trend sharing, to help accelerate the industrial landing. The pressure sensor Forum gathered guests from te, Honeywell, e + H, Kyocera, fluke and other companies. The gas sensor Forum gathered guests from Shenzhen Pusheng sensing technology, Hanwei electronics, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Xi’an Yuanxun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. and medical sensor Forum gathered guests from te, AMS, national intelligent sensor innovation center and other companies The forum will invite experts, entrepreneurs and third-party service institutions with years of experience in intellectual property litigation, technology transfer and transformation, and intellectual property layout at home and abroad to exchange and discuss intellectual property and technology transactions under the new international situation. There are also MEMS sensors, Zhilian transportation forum and more related forums on sensor industry chain. Please click the link to sign up:

There is also a big egg in this exhibition. In order to promote the efficient docking of projects between Chinese and foreign sensor manufacturers, sensor China, based on the existing platform, has built an efficient online platform — IOT perception pool, which integrates data processing, brand promotion and online docking for enterprises and professional buyers.

Sensor China 2020 has many bright spots and distinctive international characteristics. This year’s exhibition is dominated by domestic exhibitors, but still retains a large proportion of international exhibitors. At the same time, sensor China also launched B2B online docking platform for sensor and solution enterprises and professional buyers. Exhibitors can display online 24 * 7 * 365 all year round, and professional buyers can buy and buy anytime and anywhere! There are more exciting activities, such as new product launch, talent fair, social dinner, innovation project exhibition As a large-scale and far-reaching sensor exhibition, sensor China deserves its name.

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