For consumers of electronic products, different interfaces, cables and converters are great. In the world, usb-c interface is becoming an industry standard. According to the latest news from foreign media, HDMI related standards organizations have recently upgraded their technology. In the future, usb-c will be able to directly output HDMI signals to televisions and other devices through a cable.

HDMI related standard organizations have upgraded the technology, and the usb-c interface can directly output HDMI audio and video

This means that by purchasing only one cable, users can directly connect their smartphone to the TV and enjoy the video.

It is reported that on Thursday, HDMI licensing, an organization responsible for HDMI related cable technical standards, announced that it would launch a new model called “HDMI alt mode” for usb-c cable products.

In the first mock exam, manufacturers can directly manufacture USB-C interface to the HDMI interface cable, and no longer need to go through the traditional conversion equipment.

In this way, smart phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and other devices using usb-c interface in users’ hands can be directly connected to HDMI displays such as televisions.

The full name of “alt mode” is “replacement mode”, which can transmit non USB signals through usb-c cable. The mode introduced in the past can also support the data transmission of MHL, DisplayPort and other interfaces with usb-c.

It should be noted that this new model also has some technical limitations. The technical specification adopted is HDMI 1.4b standard, rather than the latest version of HDMI 2.0B. This means that if the usb-c to HDMI cable is used, users can see ultra-high definition video and 3D video, but they can’t enjoy the latest HDR video and other new functions.

It is reported that the above organizations have issued the new specifications to manufacturers, so the cable from usb-c to HDMI may be in the process of R & D and production.

In the world, the status of usb-c interface is getting higher and higher, and it begins to replace the traditional microusb interface. A large number of smartphone manufacturers have only retained a single usb-c interface. In addition, according to foreign media reports, apple is very fond of usb-c interface. On the basis of previous MacBook notebooks, Apple plans to keep only one usb-c interface in all notebooks.

In addition, Intel recently announced that the new version of usb-c interface in the future will support high-quality audio output, so it can completely replace the old 3.5mm audio interface.

In the new mobile phone released in the autumn, Apple will cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole and use its own lightning interface to transmit audio.

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