Readers who have learned about the TV industry may know that the current mainstream TV products are 4K resolution. Although there are still problems such as insufficient program content, the higher the TV resolution, the better. It has been accepted by consumers. TV manufacturers also began planning to launch 8K resolution TV products, with a resolution of 7680 × 4320 is four times that of 4K, and it is conceivable that the picture definition can be improved.

HDMI connected devices are certified and 8K clarity will be increased by four times

There is still a stumbling block for 8K TV to officially enter the homes of ordinary users: even if the current mainstream HDMI 2.0 specification provides 18 Gbps bandwidth, it can not meet the huge data volume requirements under 8K resolution. Previously, the 8K TV released by sharp even needed four HDMI 2.0 cables to realize the real-time transmission of 8K content.

The HDMI forum, an HDMI standard setting organization that foresees this problem, has brought HDMI 2.1 standard, achieved a new specification of 48 Gbps bandwidth of a single cable, and it is no longer necessary to transmit 8k60hz and 4k120hz pictures. The cable supporting HDMI 2.1 is also called ultra high speed HDMI cable, which can meet the demand of 8K picture transmission with a single cable.

However, we can’t buy a formal HDMI 2.1 cable for the time being, because the HDMI forum has not completed the corresponding certification preparation so far. Fortunately, they have released the news that they will complete the preparation for HDMI 2.1 certification in the next few months. At that time, TV manufacturers and cable manufacturers can mark their products “support HDMI 2.1”.

HDMI connected devices are certified and 8K clarity will be increased by four times

At present, some manufacturers are gearing up. Ruiyu has disclosed the DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 scheme based on rtd2173 chip. At present, there are computer hardware supporting 8K picture output, but most of them are implemented based on DisplayPort 1.4 interface. If you want the 8K picture of the computer to be successfully transmitted to the TV supporting HDMI 2.1, you need a corresponding adapter.

Once HDMI 2.1 certification is provided to adapter manufacturers, a large number of peripherals supporting 8K picture transmission can be seen on the market. However, it is still impossible to play games at 8K resolution. Due to the limitations of graphics card performance and game screen demand, even 4K games still have a long way to go, not to mention 8K with four times higher resolution.

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