According to the relevant research institutions, New Coronavirus infection pneumonia will reduce domestic demand in 2020 by more than 10% over the same period of last year. In addition, compared with the “SARS” in 2003, which hatched the e-commerce giant “Taobao”, this epidemic may also become a catalyst for the new outlet of online telecommuting So, what will the rise of online office relying on the epidemic bring to LED screen enterprises?

At present, under the influence of the epidemic, the demand for online conference, online education, online office and so on is rising rapidly. At the same time, the demand for large screen display equipment in high-definition conference room is growing, which may become the biggest opportunity point for the next LED display industry.

Intelligent high definition large screen favored

There is no doubt that throughout the current display industry, high definition (8K) display is one of the key areas in which screen enterprises compete for layout. Its application scenarios are very wide, including: security monitoring, conference system, education, public display, etc. with the online office trend gradually becoming, high definition conference display has a broader prospect. At the same time, the current domestic 5g process and the development of ultra clear display are accelerating, and the super large screen ultra high definition video conference system is expected to develop into a new blue ocean market and benefit the LED display industry.

HD conference room large screen display equipment may become the biggest opportunity point of LED display industry

Compared with other display products, LED display products have inherent advantages in the field of indoor high-definition display, which can not only achieve seamless splicing, but also have flexible installation methods, thin screen, high brightness, low energy consumption, and low operation and maintenance cost. Therefore, in recent years, high-definition LED display products have rapidly occupied the application fields of intelligent conference display, and with the development of 4K, 8K, etc With the popularization of the concept of Qing Dynasty and the implementation of relevant standards, it has been continuously optimized and developed.

In recent years, with the popularity of small spacing LED technology and the decline of manufacturing cost, micro / Mini With the development of high-definition display technology such as LED and cob, more and more manufacturers begin to attack the “high-definition” market, especially in the application fields with strong demand for such products such as indoor security and conference room. At the same time, with the acceleration of intelligent transformation of industrial display system, visualization, high-definition and intelligent LED display has become the focus of the industry.

All aspects need to be upgraded to meet the high market demand

As the industry said, “the current LED display has entered the application era from a simple product era, and the transformation of the LED industry has just begun…” For many LED screen enterprises, the future market can no longer simply sell products. Facts have proved that relying on selling products alone can no longer support the rapid development of enterprises. Only with excellent solution providing ability and guaranteed after-sales service ability can they have the opportunity to seize the market opportunity.

The same is true of the intelligent conference market, especially under the influence of the epidemic situation, we need to redefine the customer group, so as to better output better overall services to the market, so as to connect the technological innovation, marketing innovation and service innovation of display products with the actual needs of users, and turn high price into high value.

It can be predicted that with the growth of display demand for different conference scenes, screen enterprises with their own business characteristics and unique competitiveness will have the opportunity to win market opportunities in this field.

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