Recently, HBO launched a snapchat ar lens to promote its TV series his dark materials adapted from Pullman’s fantasy novel. The event is held nationwide. Users can use this image sharing app to interact with the characters in the play. The stars of the play include Lin Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy.

The feature of the event is still the landmark ar lens, which can activate the computer-produced films released by TCL China Grand Theater in Hollywood. The audience can see the virtual reproduction of the armored bear Iorek shuttling through the propaganda posters in the real world.

Snapchat American users outside Los Angeles can experience the face and world lens created by HBO and decorate their self photos and photos with animal characters. Snapchat’s lens development team carefully studied the visual effects in his dark materials and truly reproduced the talking animal characters in the play.

HBO launched his dark materials focusing on mobile devices to attract young readers who love reading fantasy stories. Because snapchat is very popular among American teenagers, HBO cable network hopes to attract more young people to watch the series through the AR lens campaign launched on snapchat.

According to the data of snap, snapchat’s parent company, 90% of American teenagers are using the snapchat app, which affects the purchase decision of billions of dollars, of which 75% of consumers are between the ages of 13-34, surpassing their competitors instagram and Facebook. The company said that more than 70% of users play ar lens every day, using a total of 250 million minutes a day.

Snapchat has become an important role in HBO’s recent promotion of new episodes and sequels. In April this year, the company took the lead in using snapchat’s landmark ar lens when promoting the last season of game of Thrones. When people point their smartphone cameras at landmark buildings such as the iron tower in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, they will see a virtual “ice dragon”.

In addition, last month, HBO used other ar technologies to promote the premiere of a TV series “the catcher” based on this comic novel. In the outdoor publicity activities, billboards and other outdoor signs are alive. When people take photos with smart phones, virtual squids are falling from the sky.

The game of power is over, and his dark materials is HBO’s next big bet. The golden compass, a film based on Pullman’s works released by Xinxian film company earlier, suffered a disastrous defeat in the United States, but performed better in markets outside the United States, which made people begin to think about how to market TV works to American audiences.


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