The UK based Atlantic productions studio recently announced that it will launch Stephen Hawking’s black hole VR application, which will be released in early 2020 and a documentary about Professor Hawking’s life story. Atlantis productions has been working with Professor Hawking since March 2018, before his death.

Hawking's black hole VR application will be released in early 2020

Professor Hawking’s daughter, Lucy Hawking, said in a statement: I am very happy because my father is fascinated by these promising new technologies and has been looking for as many ways to explain science to you as possible. The project was originally set up two years ago and was negotiated in his office. Now he will lead you on a magical space journey.

There is no doubt that this is a huge project. It is very appropriate to apply this astrophysical research (black hole) to VR. We think it will further promote the application of VR in scientific research and other fields.

Unfortunately, we don’t know any other information about this project, including the publishing platform, supporting VR header type, etc.

Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic productions studio, said: Professor Hawking is one of the most convincing people in the world. His breakthrough scientific discoveries have shaped modern physics and helped to unravel some of the most mysterious things in the universe. It’s a great honor to work with Stephen Hawking, who considers these projects an important part of his legacy. The documentary, with the help of people closest to him, will cover interviews with Hawking and his family videos.

Atlantic productions studio is a company specializing in film and television production. Its products include drama movies, IMAX films, VR and other immersive experience projects. Previously, the space descent VR project, which has been cooperated with Tim peak, is on display at the science museum in London.


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