When we talk about biological code, we always feel that it is high-end, safe and mysterious. However, with the application of biometric technology in life in recent years, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, etc. are no longer superior. But relative to the iris recognition technology, we are still relatively unfamiliar. Today we will unveil the mystery of iris recognition technology.

Brief introduction of iris recognition technology

Iris recognition technology is based on the iris of the eye for identity recognition. The iris is a ring-shaped part between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many interlaced spots, filaments, coronas, stripes and other details. The iris texture of human beings has been shaped in early childhood and will remain unchanged in the whole life course. These features determine the uniqueness of iris features, and at the same time, the more unique the identity recognition. Therefore, the iris feature of the eye can be regarded as the identification object of each person.

Compared with other biometric technologies, iris recognition technology has absolute advantages in accuracy, stability, replicability, live detection and other comprehensive security performance.

Have you found the iris recognition technology around you

Market application of iris recognition technology

Due to the late start of iris recognition technology in China, most of our knowledge of this technology still stays in science fiction movies, thinking that iris technology can only be applied in state secret security system at present. In fact, with the promotion of the concept of smart home in China, the application of iris recognition has become more and more “civilian”, which is closely related to our life

The most basic application product of iris recognition is iris smart lock, which is mainly used in attendance and access control, and is suitable for places with high-level security needs, such as high-end residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, etc. Scanning iris can achieve channel control, door opening and attendance management, iris recognition is fast, without contact, can not be counterfeit, greatly improve the management of intelligence and security.

Development trend of iris recognition technology

At present, iris technology development has a fairly complete technical and industrial foundation. In the field of public security, it has achieved initial results and developed to the market. As a strategic technology leading the future, iris recognition technology, as the core driving technology of biometric industry, has a strong enabling effect on artificial intelligence and traditional industries, which leads to the change of economic structure and promotes the improvement of social productivity.

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