Energy consumption data can reflect the economic development of a region. In the process of power enterprises’ transformation from traditional business to comprehensive energy service, this traditional “barometer” has been given new connotation at present.

Harbin electric power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform is a beneficial attempt to make energy consumption data play a greater role. Harbin power supply company has in-depth cooperation with government departments, scientific research institutions, universities and IT enterprises. Relying on technologies such as big data, mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, Harbin power supply company will break the traditional barriers, realize the interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction in all links of government data, enterprise data and power system, and provide safer, smarter and more economical services for enterprises, institutions and residential users More convenient comprehensive energy consumption analysis service.

Try first in combination with practice

As a hub connecting all parties

At the beginning of this year, the State Grid Corporation of China first proposed the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things. Focusing on the work deployment of the company’s construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things, Harbin power supply company has made accurate efforts to build a comprehensive analysis platform of power big data and artificial intelligence in Harbin by comprehensively using the three technologies of Internet, artificial intelligence and network information security.

It is reported that there are more than 4.52 million useful power customers in Harbin, and the massive power data contains great development value. Harbin municipal government has written the construction of Harbin electric power big data comprehensive analysis platform into the 2019 government work report and served as the list of key tasks of the municipal government. Taking the urban power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform as the starting point, Harbin power supply company makes every effort to promote the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things, strive to realize multiple functions such as power monitoring, economic analysis, leading enterprise analysis, industry analysis and scale analysis, provide personalized and accurate strategies for the government, enterprises and customers, and effectively help customers reduce costs and save energy.

Harbin power supply company is building a power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform

Harbin power supply company has carried out pilot projects in some fields: integrating the “three functions” of operation, distribution and dispatching, and built and operated the first power supply service command center in the province; The first one in the province has achieved “Internet plus” online power, and opened a good start for the construction of the Internet of things. Next, the company will continue to grasp the development opportunity of ubiquitous power Internet of things and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. First, on the basis of strong smart grid, the power grid will transform to a new stage of networking and intelligent development; Second, the business model will break the traditional profit logic of earning purchase and sales price difference and change to a new profit model.

“We will change the previous situation of prominent professional barriers, ineffective data connection and poor interprofessional process. Through the construction and application of big data platform, we will realize efficient business collaboration and accurate data connection, realize unified IOT management, do a good job in the pivot of government, enterprises and customers, improve platform construction and realize wide sharing.” Li Gang, deputy general manager of State Grid Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. and general manager of Harbin power supply company, said.

Fully integrate and analyze the government, enterprises

Data of power grid, residents and other parties

On March 25, at the intersection of Shangzhi street and xibadao street, Daoli District, Harbin, a power supply employee was putting a green equipment on the street to connect with the power facilities. He will install 10 such devices that day. This is actually the terminal equipment of distribution automation station to build Harbin power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform. It can remotely control and monitor the line switch and collect data such as line voltage, current and power. Harbin power supply company has actively built more than 10000 terminal sensing devices all over the main urban areas and districts and counties of the city, so as to consolidate the foundation of sensing layer and network layer for the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things in advance.

In the process of promoting the construction of the platform, Harbin power supply company has continuously upgraded the software and hardware functions of the power supply service command center, together with professional data platforms such as power regulation center and operation monitoring center, to find, analyze and summarize all kinds of abnormal data in lean management of equipment. In order to further expand the application of platform construction, in October 2018, the company took the lead in implementing the Internet online power business of “running once at most” in the whole province. Half a year later, the company has accepted 2923 online new installation and capacity increase businesses, accounting for 91.9% of all installation business acceptance.

On October 10, 2018, Harbin power supply company established a R & D cooperation team with Heilongjiang Electric Power Research Institute, Harbin University of technology and some IT enterprises to start the construction of Harbin electric power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform. Based on the construction concept of “dispersion collection personalization”, the platform analyzes and arranges power grid data, government data, enterprise data and resident data from four dimensions, and creates a comprehensive data intelligent analysis platform including support layer, platform layer and application layer, so as to realize government data, enterprise data, resident data All links of power system are interconnected, human-computer interaction and mutual perception. At present, the platform has completed the demand analysis, determined the R & D scheme, and completed the construction of several application sub modules such as power economic analysis, which has initially formed the infrastructure for the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things in Harbin.

Dr. Zu Guangxin, head of the platform R & D team, said that Harbin power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform can actively carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with Harbin municipal government, various industrial enterprises, small and micro enterprises and power customers at the business level.

Establish with internet thinking

Widely shared energy information platform

Under the background of the strategic goal of “three types, two networks and world-class” put forward by State Grid Corporation of China, Harbin power supply company has also changed from “point-to-point” and “one-to-one” integrated platform to multi-dimensional system construction with “three types” as the goal.

Shi dianqiang, deputy director of Harbin Bureau of industry and information technology, said that the State Grid Corporation of China proposed the construction of “three types and two networks”, and “sharing” is what the government needs to support. Only by combining the “three types” can we promote the construction of smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of things. The construction of Harbin power big data artificial intelligence comprehensive analysis platform is not only a collection of these contents, but also an important content of the ubiquitous power Internet of things. Harbin Municipal People’s government will fully support the construction of the platform project.

Shi dianqiang introduced that the platform can integrate the professional data of various functional departments in the city, implement online approval, change the previous project series approval to parallel approval, greatly improve the efficiency of government service and greatly reduce the cost of enterprise affairs. “In short, the platform can provide a more intuitive, scientific and accurate comprehensive energy consumption analysis for government development planning, investment attraction, park site selection, enterprise energy consumption and residential power consumption,” he said.

Li Gang said that the word “pan” in the power Internet of things is both a highlight and a difficulty. How to analyze and sort out based on the power data, relying on the data of power enterprises and combined with the data of all walks of life needs the extensive mutual assistance data support of the government, enterprises and even all walks of life of the whole society, and needs to establish a widely shared energy information platform with internet thinking.

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