According to foreign media vrfocus, haptx, an American manufacturer of VR tactile gloves, recently released its first enterprise grade VR tactile glove haptxgloves DK2. The glove features smaller size, lighter weight and improved ergonomics compared to the previous generation, and haptx is working with advanced input systems to expand the production of the glove.

It is reported that the difference between haptxgloves DK2 and its competitors is that the glove adopts microfluidic technology to realize tactile feedback. Each glove contains 133 tactile actuators and can bear 40 pounds of weight (35n per finger), so that users can obtain a realistic force feedback experience.

Jake Rubin, founder and CEO of haptx, said: “haptx gloves DK2 is probably the closest product you can use in reality to get super power experience. Its appearance marks a qualitative leap in VR, XR and robotics technology. At present, the world’s top 500 companies and government agencies are using haptxgloves gloves to train their employees. “

Because haptxglovedk2 is mainly used for training, design and other commercial purposes, the tracking accuracy of gloves is very high. Haptx pointed out that the kit has a dedicated magnetic system, each glove can realize 30dof interaction, and the tracking accuracy can reach submillimeter level.

“We have shared early versions of haptxgloves with thousands of companies and VR industry leaders and incorporated their feedback into the design of DK2,” said haptxcrojoe Michaels. At present, the outbreak of the epidemic has intensified the market demand for VR remote training and VR design tools. At the same time, technology companies are also increasing investment in remote robot technology, and we are very honored to launch haptxgloves DK2, a VR tactile hand set that meets the needs of the times. “

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