Many dangers come from invisible places. Because they are invisible, they are easy to be ignored. Urban well is one of them. In recent years, there have been many “well covers” explosion accidents in various regions, including we often brush bear children throwing firecrackers into the well and being injured, and workers working in inspection well construction were stun by toxic gas when they went down the well, resulting in occupational disasters. Inspection wells that can be seen everywhere in life have become “invisible bombs” accidentally.

Although the well body is small, safety matters a lot

With the increase of urban scale in China, various drainage pipe network facilities are increasing day by day, and the inspection wells of drainage pipe network on the road are also increasing. All kinds of inspection wells are an important part of municipal infrastructure, and well cover management is an important part of urban management, which is related to the vital interests of the people and reflects the management level of the city.

Why does a good well body have frequent accidents?

Because the canal under the manhole cover is a sealed site, it is easy to accumulate toxic and harmful gases in the well, such as methane (biogas), hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other combustible gases. These gases are very easy to burn and explode when they encounter open fire and air.

The medium conveyed by the underground gas pipeline is gas. Due to the extremely easy diffusion of gas, the leaked gas generally diffuses along the channels that are easy to diffuse, generally including underground cracks, drainage pipelines, telecommunications pipelines or power ditches, heating ditches near the gas pipeline, and finally diffuses to the ground through inspection wells.

The well body, which is supposed to be the life defense line, has frequent accidents. At present, the national government pays more and more attention to the management of inspection wells to ensure urban safety, and has also taken certain measures. However, due to the large number of wells in the city, wide patrol area, unclear property rights and difficult management, it is impossible to monitor each well in real time for 24 hours. In case of gas leakage, biogas accumulation, inspection well overflow, well cover change, etc., if not handled in time, it will seriously affect the daily life and travel safety of the old people.

Wg160 gas monitoring terminal

At present, the precision and efficiency brought about by cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are pressing the “fast forward” button for urban governance.

As the chief editor of the group standard “combustible gas monitoring devices in underground wells”, Hanwei technology group, one of the core member enterprises of its smart city business group – Changwei IOT, relying on advanced sensor technology and IOT technology platform, independently developed and produced wg160 gas monitoring terminal, which is applicable to gas valve wells, sewage wells, power wells, water supply wells Communication well and other equipment for continuous monitoring and early warning of combustible gas concentration in urban underground pipe network can monitor the status in the well in real time, monitor and alarm the combustible gas concentration in the well, and reduce secondary disasters caused by the well.

Wg160 gas monitoring terminal uploads gas concentration information, battery power, abnormal type and other information to the data center through the cellular communication network in the form of timing or event (alarm). Combined with the system software, it can realize the statistics, query, backup and other maintenance of the gas concentration information at each monitoring point on site.

Performance characteristics of wg160 gas monitoring terminal

Continuous monitoring of gas concentration in underground confined space

IP68 protection grade, dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof

Wireless data upload function, time + Event (alarm) dual data upload mechanism

Excellent low-power design, battery powered, intuitive and clear display and easy maintenance

Urban charm, urban vitality, urban capacity and urban potential, without the word “safety”, nothing can be said. The thorough solution of the small well body problem reflects the greatly enhanced sense of responsibility and the concept of governing for the people of relevant departments. It is not difficult to manage well the well chamber. The key is to implement the management responsibility system, improve the efficiency of well cover management with the help of scientific and technological means, and minimize the occurrence of personal injury accidents.

In the future, Hanwei Technology Group will continue to deeply integrate sensors, new technologies of the Internet of things and the concept of urban fine governance, realize the fine, information, intelligent, convenient and modern management of well bodies, assist the government to improve the fine level of urban governance, and contribute to the construction of a “smart city” for the well-being of the people.

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