After three years of continuous testing and application, Hanhe aviation officially launched the multi rotor plant protection UAV – “Venus I”.

As a new secret weapon launched by Wuxi Hanhe, “jinxing-1” has many highly competitive user value points, such as fully autonomous operation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, ground imitation flight, simple AB point and other functions, providing a fool like solution for flight defense; The operation data can be accessed to the cloud system of the government supervision department in real time to realize safety supervision; Through alarm prompt, key authentication, background real-time monitoring of flight status and other functions, it is more secure; Through the functions of precise fixed point, long-distance cruise, breakpoint memory and continuous operation, the operation efficiency is improved. At the same time, it has three operation modes to meet the operation needs of different types of plots to the greatest extent.

At the same time, “Venus one” is known as “a UAV that is not afraid of falling”. When encountering the impact of external force, the batteries, medicine boxes and racks of “Venus I” will be separated automatically, and each module will bear the impact of external force independently. At the same time, due to the immediate power failure, it will not cause secondary damage to the motor, electric control and flight control, reducing the maintenance cost of the machine and improving the service life of the unmanned aircraft. It only takes 15 minutes to reassemble the disassembled parts and components to resume the operation, reducing the maintenance waiting cost and greatly improving the work efficiency.

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