On November 24, the 11th China satellite navigation annual conference, sponsored by the academic exchange center of China satellite navigation system management office, entered the second day of the agenda. The conference set up professional academic branch exchanges and high-end forums, in which Beidou experts and scholars from all over the country exchanged technological innovation experience and discussed how to industrialize technology. The main sponsor of the annual meeting, Hangjin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangjin technology”, stock code: 000818), has continuously accelerated the process of technology industrialization since the success of beidou-3 networking, becoming a leader in high-precision positioning and sub meter navigation applications.

After the success of beidou-3 networking, China’s Beidou technicians are facing a new challenge, that is, how to cover all application fields of Beidou technology. The market demand for high-precision positioning of Beidou is increasing. The demand for high-precision positioning is not limited to the ground application scenarios. The three-dimensional positioning in the air puts forward higher requirements for positioning accuracy, such as the application of Beidou in UAV.

It is reported that UAVs can be used in many fields such as surveying and mapping, disaster relief, patrol inspection, agriculture, police fire protection, etc. in practical application, UAVs not only need to locate longitude and latitude, but also need to make high-speed three-dimensional positioning for altitude, time, speed and other information. It is necessary to receive the positioning signals of different systems from GNSS (global satellite navigation system), including global and regional constellation and satellite based augmentation system signals.

Hangjin technology accelerates the process and becomes the leader of high precision positioning and sub meter navigation applications

Hangjin technology said that Wuhan navigation Institute, the holding subsidiary of the company, has obtained a leading position in China with its own GNSS high-precision positioning chip technology, large-scale GNSS data precise orbit determination and positioning processing technology and Beidou satellite based enhanced igmas data processing and service technology. The core technology of GNSS is very important to the use and civil level of UAV. Previous UAVs only rely on GPS system, but after using Beidou satellite navigation system, it can provide higher positioning accuracy, input more complete information for UAV, improve UAV situation awareness, and make UAV’s emergency response more sensitive.

With the improvement of UAV application service, operation software update, ground enhanced infrastructure and other supporting services, the interaction between UAV and operators becomes more and more seamless and automated. This will greatly improve the actual use efficiency of UAV, reduce the difficulty of operation, the operator no longer need to keep the UAV in their line of sight.

If UAVs need to be widely used, appropriate supervision must be provided. At this time, Beidou can clearly divide the supervision area and manage the UAVs in the supervision area in real time. At this time, users of automatic UAV only need to draw flight route or make destination, then they can automatically perform flight mission, and they don’t need to worry about flying into the regulatory no fly area.

Industry insiders pointed out that the current UAV application scenarios are mostly in the field of monitoring and agricultural applications, and most of these application scenarios are in sparsely populated areas. Therefore, UAV applications can replace many devices with low efficiency or high cost. In the future, the application of UAV will develop to urban application. Now it is only the initial exploration stage of UAV in urban application. UAVs used in urban environment need more accurate location information. Both horizontal and vertical accuracy errors are expected to be less than 10 cm, which is difficult to achieve without GNSS signal enhancement.

Since the strategic transformation of Hangjin technology, Changsha Shaoguang has laid a solid foundation in the field of military industry. Supported by the academic theory of Wuhan University, Wuhan navigation Institute has made bold attempts in the application and innovation of Beidou, given full play to the advantages of Hangjin technology channel, rapidly industrialized the technology, and opened up a broad civil market.

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