On november17,2021, the 2021 motor control advanced technology seminar and the annual award ceremony of “2021 BLDC motor technology market performance award” hosted by electronics enthusiasts were held in the banquet hall on the 4th floor of courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bay Hotel. Hang Shun chip was invited to attend the event and brought new products to launch a number of general and special BLDC master chips. Among them, hk32aspin010 series motor drive special chips won the “top ten BLDC motor controller master chips in 2021” award by virtue of the excellent performance of integrated FOC hardware acceleration algorithm, and competed with industry models st, Renesas and microchip to win the award!

Ms. baihaiying, executive vice president of Hang Shun chip, took the stage to accept the award

Besides attending the award ceremony, Hang Shun chip set up a booth in the exhibition area, and exhibited a number of popular motor drive schemes in the booth area, including sweeping robots, refrigerator compressors, washing machines, balance cars, scooters, floor fans, fan lights, intelligent welcome robots, electric tools, etc.

Visitors understand the products and solutions of Hang Shun

Energy saving, high efficiency and integration will be the development direction of DC motor in the future, which puts forward new demands for motor control. The application of BLDC brushless motor has obtained unprecedented promotion, especially in the smart life, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other popular industries. As the brain of the brushless DC motor control system, MCU will play an important role, and various motor algorithms emerge in endlessly. The controller hk32mcu launched by Hang Shun chip this time includes general series and motor special series.

01、Hk32mcu/soc family features and main application industries

Universal 32-bit mcu/soc series

◆ innovative: hk32ha030/ha32hp103 AI voice and image recognition, application of aiot, smart home and smart city

◆ high performance type: hk32f39axx 120m main frequency +fpu coprocessor, applied to high-end robots, human-computer interaction control, etc

◆ low energy consumption: hk32l08xx 48m main frequency, high integration, application of water meter, gas meter, Internet node, intelligent transportation, etc

◆ mainstream type: hk32f103 /030/031 pin to pin software is fully compatible, which is applied to large and small household appliances, industrial control, robots, etc

◆ economical: hk32f030m/0301mxx pin to pin 8s003, 48mz dominant frequency, ultra-low price, applied to small household appliances, electric tools, consumer medical care.

◆ vehicle specification level: hk32auto103 120m main frequency, aec-q100 certification, application of new energy vehicles, automotive peripherals, industrial control, etc

Dedicated 32-bit mcu/soc series:

◆ hk32e032 48m main frequency, integrated LCD segment code drive (support 4*32), applied to electric vehicle instruments, medical electronics and small household appliances

◆ hk32w030 64M main frequency, low-power Bluetooth ble SOC, smart furniture, smart remote control, smart bracelet, etc

◆ hk32alg31 56m main frequency, built-in clu, special controller for optical module, applied to 5g/10g/25g optical module

◆ hk32aspin010 96m main frequency, built-in clu, built-in motor hardware acceleration algorithm, special for comparator and motor drive

◆ hk32asafe010 96m main frequency, built-in AES advanced encryption, hash algorithm, applied to aiot and Internet Security

02、Popular Scheme Application

→ hk32mcu applied to variable frequency refrigerator compressor

→ hk32mcu applied to sweeping robot

→ hk32mcu applied to balance car / scooter

→ hk32mcu applied to fan lamp / floor fan

→ hk32mcu applied to electric tools

→ hk32mcu application in health care

For the future motor market, Hang Shun chip product manager chenpingping explained the strategic layout of Hang Shun chip hk32mcu to the audience. Manager Chen said that the company would increase research and development efforts. This year, the company would launch more high-end 32-bit MCU dedicated to motor, enrich the company’s product line, increase ecological construction, improve the motor dedicated drive library, reduce the development difficulty for users and shorten the development cycle.

Chenpingping, product manager of Hangshun chip, gave a live speech


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