After Sanya Civil Defense Museum, Suzhou High-tech Zone Science and Technology Ecological Function Area Exhibition Hall, Wuxi Xinwu District Health Center, etc., Handeli BESTAR has another project on directional loudspeaker system!

With the advent of the Internet 5G era, comprehensive joint development, and now even the exhibition hall is rolled up, Handley BESTAR directional loudspeaker system × exhibition hall, with smart technology, creates a new and different look and feel for every viewer, and opens technology services new pattern.

The enterprise exhibition hall that Henderley BESTAR cooperates with has created a corporate culture and history exhibition hall with distinctive corporate personality with novel display concepts, super creative content, and intelligent technological means.

Conventional exhibition halls usually use omnidirectional speakers or digital IP network broadcasting systems, which will cause problems such as mutual interference of voice explanation voices in different booth areas, mixed voices in the venue, unclear voices, and delayed useful information dissemination. The experience is poor and difficult to achieve. Expected display effect.

Faced with such troubles, Henderley BESTAR directional loudspeaker system – creates an independent audio space around the human ear, and can clearly obtain sound information without wearing headphones. Interfering sound area, complete the dissemination of information efficiently and environmentally; achieve clear explanation and accurate transmission, achieve balanced distribution of the sound field in the exhibition hall, no crosstalk between the explanations between each booth, ensure the independence of the sound area, and create a comfortable hearing The atmosphere greatly improves the overall sound field environment in the exhibition hall and stabilizes the sound field order.

The Henderley BESTAR directional speakers installed above the exhibition hall emit sound like a spotlight composed of sound waves, allowing the sound to "precisely" spread to the designated desired area, with strong directivity, that is to say, directional speakers It can control the sound waves in a specific area. The sound waves in this area are very strong, and outside this area, the sound waves will be very weak or even non-existent, so there is no phenomenon that the sound fields interfere with each other.

So what principle does this use?

According to acoustic theory, the higher the frequency of the sound wave, the better the directivity during its propagation, and the high-frequency signal (ultrasonic) with a frequency greater than 20KHz has good directivity during the transmission process. The audio signal is modulated onto the ultrasonic carrier, and the directional propagation of audible sound is formed by using the directional propagation characteristics of ultrasonic waves and the nonlinear effect of air.

The sound emitted by traditional speakers is omnidirectional and cannot be controlled in direction. These sound waves are spherical waves; compared with traditional sound sources, directional sound sources can control the propagation direction of sound sources and control the coverage of sound waves. The characteristic of this kind of directional sound is that within a certain distance, the sound will not be attenuated, and it seems to be sounding in your ears all the time, and even the sound you hear will be significantly different due to the different angles of your two ears.

The upgraded speaker system of the enterprise exhibition hall is a multi-dimensional transformation of scene, service and experience.

Most of the exhibition halls now have visitors one by one. The sound of speakers, human voices, and the guide sound of the booth next to each booth "sound into the ear". The sound field is cluttered, making it difficult for people to understand something clearly and deeply. For a certain period of history, more and more industry exhibition halls and enterprise exhibition halls choose directional speaker systems to improve the sense of visiting experience, make the overall internal environment quiet and orderly, and improve the overall level of technology.

Handley BESTAR directional loudspeaker system gives full play to the advantages of the product, the sound field between areas is independent, does not cause noise interference in other areas, and can obtain sound information without turning up the volume, creating a relatively quiet and comfortable space environment for the exhibition hall.

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