The press conference on Hainan smart grid construction plan held recently revealed that the power industry of Hainan Province will invest 53 billion yuan in the construction of provincial smart grid in the next three years. This means that Hainan will promote energy transformation in an all-round way and strive to achieve green energy development.

“The construction of smart grid is a strong support for promoting the transformation of energy development in Hainan Province and creating a national ecological civilization pilot zone. It is an important measure to serve the construction of free trade port in Hainan free trade zone.” The relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission said at the press conference.

Hainan power grid industry will invest 53 billion yuan in the next three years to promote the construction of smart grid in Hainan Province

According to reports, as an independent geographical unit and a typical island economy, Hainan’s energy structure and ecological environment are special and fragile. At present, Hainan smart grid architecture system includes five links, namely clean and friendly power generation, safe and efficient power transmission and transformation, flexible and reliable power distribution, diversified and interactive power consumption, smart energy and energy Internet. It will cover all links of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization throughout the province, and integrate modern control, information, communication and network technology with power technology, which can greatly optimize the regional energy structure, improve the efficiency of power allocation and use, and realize the green development of energy.

It is reported that benefiting from the construction of provincial smart grid, it is expected that by 2021, the average annual power outage time of users in Hainan Province will be reduced from 25 hours in 2018 to less than 8 hours, reaching the domestic first-class level. By 2021, the installed proportion of clean energy in the province will increase from 61% to 65%, and the proportion of power generation will increase from 45% to 55%, higher than the current national average of 34%, which will strongly support the energy development and transformation of Hainan.

At the same time, Hainan power grid will also vigorously promote the service mode of “remote service + mobile terminal operation”, simplify users’ power handling process and reduce users’ power handling time; Explore the rental service of temporary power facilities to reduce the power handling cost of users. The construction of smart grid will also effectively promote the reform of energy production, consumption, technology and system in Hainan Province, and enhance the power grid’s ability to access and absorb new energy such as large-scale nuclear power, gas power and distributed photovoltaic power generation.

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