Is the spinach stored in your house for more than 10 days “yellowing and wilting” or “still fresh”? Is the pork “white and dry” or “fresh and tender Q bomb”? These contrasts are not only different in appearance and color, but also different in nutrition.

At 14:00 pm on March 4th, a contrast experiment was conducted on frozen meat, spinach and other dishes in the Haier refrigerator health scene broadcast on the platform such as jolly sound and live broadcast. The first Japanese lab connected to the world was first connected, and the tiktok explained the preservation technology of fresh food in the whole space, which is refrigerated and frozen.

Haier's first global connection experiment refrigerator keeps fresh in all directions to protect users' health

The comparison of the six groups is clear at a glance, and the preservation of Haier refrigerator is comprehensive and comprehensive

In the live broadcast, the anchor took out frozen meat from different refrigerators for comparison. From the appearance, the frozen meat in the ordinary refrigerator is white, dry and thawed. After detection, it is found that there is a lot of protein in the blood, which also means that the nutrition is lost. The frozen meat in Haier’s refrigerator has no change in appearance and almost no loss in nutrition, which is almost the same as when it was bought.

In addition to frozen meat, the anchor also invited laboratory personnel to test five other kinds of food materials, including dry goods, spinach, sea shrimp and so on. No matter in appearance or nutrition retention, Haier refrigerator is better than ordinary refrigerator. This also confirmed that in the cold storage area, frozen area, Haier refrigerator can keep fresh in all directions.

Behind the whole space preservation is the global trend of Haier refrigerator research and development

How does Haier refrigerator keep fresh in the whole space? According to reports, at present, most of the refrigerator technology is concentrated in the cold storage area, while ignoring the frozen preservation. Haier refrigerator has not only realized that vegetables and fruits will not be dehydrated for 15 days and dry goods will not return to moisture for 9 months in the cold storage area, but also pioneered the intelligent constant temperature freezing technology in the cold storage area. By reducing the freezing temperature difference, it has realized the whole space preservation of cold storage and freezing.

Haier's first global connection experiment refrigerator keeps fresh in all directions to protect users' health

Behind the technological innovation is the global R & D strength of Haier refrigerator. Among them, refrigeration intelligent constant temperature technology is one of the achievements of global R & D by Japanese R & D center integrating Qingdao, Southeast Asia and other resources. To this end, Haier refrigerator also connected with the Japanese R & D team for a detailed explanation.

Nowadays, people need a healthy diet, and good food materials are the basis of nutrition. Starting from this demand, Haier refrigerator creates a healthy fresh storage scene to protect the health of users with the long-term preservation of refrigerated and frozen whole space.

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