The price range of earphones ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The ordinary price is generally about 20 yuan, and the slightly better price is about 400 yuan. If it is a headset, the price is usually higher. Top headphones, such as limited edition headphones produced by some top brands, can cost more than hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Traditional earphone

From the perspective of the development of the whole audio industry, wireless headphones are still a new thing. They have not developed for a long time. At present, they are still in the rising period. The demand of users is increasing, and the expectation of users for wireless headphones is also increasing. This is a new test for the industry. Enthusiasts are generally most concerned about several key points, including sound quality, endurance capability and wireless transmission capability. From the data point of view, the wireless transmission capability can basically meet the needs of most users, and there is still great potential to improve sound quality and endurance capability. If we improve from these two points, we believe it will be easy to attract users’ attention in the future.

Hager technology 3D printing headset

But in the eyes of female friends, headphones still depend on their appearance. Recently, “Haige technology” joined hands with China’s first female growth brand “as soon as possible”, launched a limited edition of “as soon as possible – Haige jointly customized 3D printing headphones”, and launched the wake-up plan of “listening to music and throwing out small waist essence” in the “as soon as possible app” under the brand of “as soon as possible”, providing users with methods and guidance to achieve their goals and helping them become expected themselves.

The 3D printing earphone adopts a breakthrough hollowed out earphone cavity (164 hollowed out spaces) in design, which can bring both auditory and visual enjoyment. Thanks to the 3D printer independently developed by Hager technology, the ergonomic hollow earphone cavity can be mass produced, breaking through the limitation that the traditional mold opening production cannot customize fine parts. This co branded custom 3D printing headset is designed based on the AR series 3D printing headset of Hager technology. Ar series headphones are the world’s first 3D printing headphones to achieve mass production, creating a new category of “3D printing headphones” in the headphone market.

Meet female users

Haig technology, an innovative company founded by the post-90s “Xueba” from the top three engineering universities in the United States, focuses on combining 3D printing with intelligent hardware and mobile Internet to “Customize” products and services for users around the world. It is reported that Haige technology has a 3D printer independently developed, with an accuracy of 25m, which is only 1 / 4 of the hair. The printing quality department is comparable to the international top 3D printer of the same type, realizing 3D printing for a long time, in large quantities and at low cost. All 3D printing headphones are produced by self-developed 3D printers. In the future, customized 3D printing headphones for high-end users will be launched.

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