Recently, H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, has successfully won the bid for the centralized procurement project (vBRAS part) of China Telecom Metropolitan Cloud Network Equipment (2022), entering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan and other major provinces of China's telecom business in one fell swoop.

As China Telecom's first metro cloud network vBRAS centralized procurement bidding project, this centralized procurement marks that China Telecom's new metro network construction has officially entered the stage of large-scale deployment from trial commercial use, and its importance is self-evident. The successful bid by H3C Group means that after CR, MSE, and 5G STN large-network routing products, H3C's brand-new large-network routing business system has once again achieved a large-scale breakthrough in China Telecom, and H3C will continue to serve China Telecom Cloud. The network business is further boosted.

The vBRAS system is based on a new metropolitan area network architecture of China Telecom, which separates the control layer and forwarding layer of the traditional BRAS access system. A new transfer control separation business system that maintains efficiency.

As a provider of full-stack IT, CT, and integrated cloud-network service products and solutions, H3C is innately capable of planning, designing and developing cloud-network integration products. As one of the first batch of manufacturers to participate in the definition of operators' vBRAS equipment form and the formulation of technical specifications, H3C has its own unique insights into the overall architecture, networking model, function division, performance requirements, and evolution route of vBRAS transfer control separation. and practice.

New H3C vBRAS pools network resources through CU separation architecture and cloud technology, improves resource utilization, and can manage and control millions of users; through the modular capability of services, it can realize on-demand service deployment and shorten service development cycles; Through northbound standardized interfaces and third-party controller adaptation, it provides comprehensive platform opening capabilities. On the basis of fully satisfying the differentiated requirements of telecom's new metropolitan area network and multi-service, H3C's vBRAS system unleashes the potential of the metropolitan area network and promotes the cloud-based transformation of China Telecom's metropolitan area network.

The vBRAS system is mainly deployed in the new metropolitan area network in China Telecom. As early as 2019, H3C has fully participated in the testing and pilot work of China Telecom's new metropolitan area network, and has cooperated with China Telecom in the formulation of technical specifications and verification plans at the group level. Not only that, since 2020, H3C has also deeply participated in the pilot work of the new metropolitan area network in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other provinces.

Take the trial commercial office site in Wuxi, Jiangsu as an example: H3C independently built POD, and the site covers 800,000 users in Wuxi; currently, the number of home broadband, ITV, and VOIP users exceeds 150,000; at the same time, the site also carries the ITMS of Jiangsu Telecom. business, reaching 4 million households. The pilot has fully verified the support of the new MAN Spine-Leaf architecture and new SRv6, EVPN, and FlexE applications for network industry separation and capability opening, as well as the converged bearer capability of home broadband, 5G services, and 2B private line services; Decoupling and docking tests with third-party SDNs have verified the capabilities of unified orchestration, unified management and control, and cross-domain collaboration; through vMSE, Leaf node converged access, etc., fixed-mobile service converged bearer is realized.

Through large-scale trial commercial deployment, H3C has verified the capability and stability of vBRAS equipment and the overall solution; through pilot projects in various provinces, H3C has also developed a set of systematic vBRAS and new MAN planning and deployment experience, and experienced An efficient delivery team has been established, which has accumulated strength for the large-scale delivery of China Telecom's new metropolitan area network.

In the era of digital economy, cloud-network integration has become the core feature of digital information infrastructure. In response to China Telecom's "cloud to digital transformation" strategy, H3C actively participated in the construction of China Telecom's new metropolitan area network, IP backbone network, 5G cloud network, computing power cloud pool and other fields. At the same time, with its rich practice of empowering the digital transformation of all industries, New H3C serves China Telecom's DICT and private line customization business fields, actively provides assistance to China Telecom's full-service development, and contributes core value.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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