Electronic measurement technology is the foundation and source of information technology, and instrumentation industry is an important part of the information industry. With the steady development of China’s economy, the process of industrialization and informatization, and the upgrading of downstream electronic manufacturing, communication and information technology, aerospace and other related industries, the market has higher and higher requirements for electronic testing and measuring equipment, which requires higher precision of measuring signals and weaker signals.

Press conference site

Facing the opportunities and challenges coming from the market, Guoyi quantum, a national high-tech enterprise, based on scientific and technological innovation, accurately grasped the ecological development requirements of the industry and handed over a wonderful answer. After 20 years of joint growth with China’s electronics industry under mutual support, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition has become a platform for resource integration and empowerment of the electronic information industry. On April 14, 2021, Guoyi quantum appeared in electronica China 2021 with 6 new measurement and control products and solutions, held a grand new product launch and officially entered the electronic testing and measurement industry. The new product launch was presided over by fuyongqiang, deputy general manager of Guoyi quantum marketing center.

At the press conference, Ms. wujuan, Secretary General of electronic measurement and instrumentation branch of China instrumentation society, attended and delivered a speech. Experts from the field of electronic testing and measurement, representatives of agents, and dozens of news media witnessed the wonderful debut of six new measuring and control systems of Guoyi quantum.

Speech by wujuan, Secretary General of electronic measurement and Instruments Branch of China instrumentation Society

With the theme of “perceiving the world and measuring the future”, Wuya, general manager of Guoyi quantum measurement and control division, reviewed the development history of China’s electronic measurement industry in the field report, and introduced in detail the functional features and detailed parameters of the six new measurement and control systems released on site.

Wu ya, general manager of Guoyi quantum measurement and control business department, made a new product report

Qin Xi, a teacher from University of science and technology of China, and Wu ya, general manager of Guoyi quantum measurement and control division, jointly unveiled the new product. Qin Xi said that Guoyi quantum has a young team with strong technical strength and craftsman spirit, which makes electronic measurement products from scratch and from weak to strong, and provides rich and practical solutions. It will become a new force in the industry and bring more value to China’s scientific researchers and enterprises.

unveiling ceremony

It is reported that the six new products released by Guoyi quantum this time are rooted in Guoyi quantum’s leading quantum precision measurement and quantum computing technology. Under the guarantee of strong engineering ability, they are crystallized into products with high cost performance, powerful functions and strong maintainability.

Among them, daq2100 data acquisition card is a high-performance data acquisition system with dual channels, 1 gsa/s sampling rate and 14 bit vertical resolution, which can provide complete and diversified solutions for advanced measurement applications, and can be widely used in communication, testing and measurement, biomedicine, optical detection, particle physics research, radar and other application fields.

The time to digital converter tdc1610 is a high-precision time measuring instrument with compact structure. It has 16 acquisition channels and 10 PS time resolution. It can record the time information of the collected signal in real time. It can be widely used in scientific research fields such as statistical pulse distribution after laser, quantum optics, optical detection and laser radar ranging.

The lock-in amplifier lia001m has many functions, such as lock-in amplification, virtual oscillographic analysis, parameter scanning, demodulation drawing and data analysis. It can quickly and accurately measure the effective signal submerged in large noise. It is the best solution for weak signal measurement and analysis, and can meet the needs of a variety of scientific research and industrial applications.

The awg4100 arbitrary waveform generator has four independent waveform output channels. Each channel can provide single ended waveform output with 1.2 gsa/s sampling rate and 16 bit vertical resolution. It can be widely used in quantum computing, nuclear magnetic resonance, semiconductor and other fields.

The asg8000 series of digital delay pulse generator has a time resolution accuracy of 50 PS, which exceeds the control accuracy of other products in the same industry. It can be widely used in micro magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR, ODMR), ultrasound, radar, medical imaging and many other aspects.

Based on the high-precision network clock and time synchronization technology, the synchronization control system scs1800 can realize the distribution of multi node clock signals and sub nanosecond synchronization control. It is a key component of solutions in many fields, such as quantum computing, industrial automation control, distributed base stations, power grid synchronization, adaptive array antennas, multistatic radar, etc.

The release of these products means that Guoyi quantum officially enters the electronic testing and measurement industry. Based on these six new measurement and control systems, it can bring testing solutions for various industries including quantum computing, semiconductor, photovoltaic and distributed radar, and provide more comprehensive and professional technical services for customers in different fields.

Awarding ceremony

In order to better develop the market and achieve customers, Guoyi quantum has joined forces with five agents. At the press conference, he Yu, CEO of Guoyi quantum, awarded the license to five agents: Quchi Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou lvshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xi’an Antai testing equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Ruike Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Yongyi Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He Yu showed full confidence in the future development of the electronic testing and measurement industry. He Yu said that as an instrument company with quantum precision measurement as its core technology, Guoyi quantum believes that this ultimate pursuit of precision and sensitivity, which is inherited from the enterprise gene, can better serve the electronic testing and measurement industry and bring innovation in efficiency and capability.

In the future, Guoyi quantum will adhere to innovation driven development, provide customers with more professional and high-quality products and services, help customers promote the development of technology more efficiently, and jointly explore and create a better future for mankind!

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