As an important industry that uses high-tech means to maintain social and public security, the security industry has become one of the industries and economies that realize the deep integration and rapid landing of the latest science and technology and social and economic life. With the development of the industry, the market’s demand for security continues to develop from the basic requirements of security to the demand for digital intelligence construction with video as the support to improve optimized operation, reduce cost and increase efficiency, which opens a larger market for ultra-high definition display. As the leader of LED display packaging, recently, Guoxing optoelectronics, Hikvision and Dahua further deepened cooperation and continued to expand the ultra-high definition market represented by the security industry.

Guoxing optoelectronics x Hikvision

As a world-class Internet of things and security giant, Hikvision is a security product and industry solution provider with video as the core, intelligent Internet of things solutions and big data services as the support, and nine core technologies such as cloud computing, big data analysis and video image processing as the carrier.

Guoxing optoelectronics and Hikvision have made three alliances. Based on the successful cooperation in the past, they will deepen cooperation in deepening brand influence, sharing resources, customized products and other aspects, establish long-term and stable strategic cooperation on new products and fields such as small spacing and mini LED display, and jointly promote the rapid industrial application of ultra-high definition display.

A provincial exchange and investment group, Hikvision GWF series products, with core devices provided by Guoxing optoelectronics

Guoxing optoelectronics x Dahua Co., Ltd

Dahua is the world’s leading provider and operator of intelligent IOT solutions with video as the core. The products cover 180 countries and regions around the world and are widely used in transportation, manufacturing, education, energy, finance, environmental protection and other key fields.

The cooperation between Guoxing optoelectronics and Dahua Co., Ltd. has a long history. Because the two sides are highly consistent in cooperation ideas, values and objectives, the proportion of cooperation scale between the two sides has increased year by year since 2019, and the ability of Guoxing RGB products and services has been continuously enhanced, which has been highly recognized by Dahua Co., Ltd. At present, Dahua Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the largest customers of Guoxing photoelectric RGB display plate, and recently won the “strategic supplier” award of Dahua Co., Ltd.

A small space and large screen project of an emergency office of Dahua Co., Ltd. is provided with core devices by Guoxing optoelectronics

For the large screen project of a Traffic Management Bureau of Dahua Co., Ltd., Guoxing optoelectronics provides core devices

Today, with the popularity of 4K / 8K HD concept, visual, HD and intelligent small spacing LED display screen has become the mainstream display terminal in the security market. In the field of optoelectronic display, with ultra-high precision and ultra-high contrast, Bi Yong always meets the demand of ultra-high precision display in the field of ultra-high chip display, with ultra-high precision and ultra-high reliability. In particular, the security display screen attaches great importance to the intensive processing of the air tightness and water resistance of small spacing light beads, so as to eliminate hidden dangers for customers from the source. For the problem of water vapor, Guoxing optoelectronics began to pay attention to strengthening the electrode PV protection from the chip end application, then increased baking and dehumidification from the packaging end, and finally strengthened the moisture-proof control and maintenance of products from the client side, so as to make them fear of moisture and ensure the closed-loop management from the source to use.

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In terms of micro spacing, as early as 2015, Guoxing optoelectronics began to layout Mini led and micro LED technology; In 2018, Guoxing optoelectronics established the first “micro & Mini led research center” in China to gather innovative forces of industry, University and research, actively reserve forward-looking technologies, and lay a solid technical foundation for the development of ultra-high definition display; Today, the company’s Mini LED series is complete, and has arranged p0.9-p0.4 spacing products. Since its launch, imd-m09 has been widely praised by customers, and the market scale has gradually expanded.

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The era of ultra-high definition has come, and the market dividend is close at hand. Guoxing optoelectronics will actively seize the security track, multi-point layout, widen the moat, further expand the leading advantages of mini led and small spacing applications with the advantages of technology, scale and quality, and help the high-quality development of ultra-high definition industry.

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