Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the General Office of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the “Notice on the Announcement of the List of Typical Application Cases of Ultra-HD Video”, and announced 104 typical application cases of ultra-high-definition video. The project “4K Chips and Intelligent Overall Solutions to Promote the Universal Popularization of Ultra-HD Intelligent Terminals” led by Guoke Microelectronics was successfully selected.

“Ultra HD Video Typical Application Cases” is to implement the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)”, further improve the industrial ecosystem, and promote the large-scale application of UHD video. Expert review and online publicity. The case has a high technical level and a complete solution, and has strong representativeness, demonstration and innovation, and has strong reference and promotion value for related industries or enterprises.

Since 2019, Goke Micro has responded to the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry, facing common key issues, focusing on a series of ultra-high-definition industry chain links such as chips, complete machines, networks, and content, with 4K ultra-high-definition video decoding chips and solutions. traction, and promote the full popularization of 4K ultra-high definition.

As the core device of 4K smart terminal, GK6323 series of 4K UHD decoding chip integrates high-performance quad-core 64-bit CPU and quad-core 3D GPU, and supports AVS2/ H.265/H.264 and other multi-format UHD videos Decoding, supporting domestic independent standards such as TVOS, DCAS, ChinaDRM, etc., facing the DVB/IP convergence market, IPTV/OTT market and live satellite market, providing customers with customized and diversified overall solutions.

Benefiting from the promotion of the 4K universal popularization project, more than 1 million households in Hunan are experiencing the improvement of the quality of life brought by many technologies such as 4K ultra-high definition and artificial intelligence. At present, Guoke’s ultra-high-definition solution has moved from Hunan to 28 provinces and cities across the country, allowing more families to experience ultra-high-definition, ultra-extreme, and ultra-stunning audio-visual enjoyment.

At the same time, Goke Micro has continuously strengthened its technology research and development and innovation capabilities, and actively expanded and deployed new business fields. The launched 8K ultra-high-definition video decoding chip has been successfully applied in the market, and has been launched for new business fields such as TV, commercial display and AR/VR. It has developed a new video processing chip to promote the fission, fusion and innovative development of ultra-high definition in more fields.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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