With the advent of the “new infrastructure” era, the country is constantly increasing investment in highway, rail transit and other infrastructure, greatly promoting the informatization and intelligence of construction machinery. As an important aspect of information technology, wireless remote control technology provides convenience and security for engineers to control construction machinery and equipment.

Engineering vehicles are the main force of a construction project. Because of their appearance, the efficiency of construction project is doubled and the workload of manual operation is reduced. Throughout the engineering vehicle operation, people can not help but sigh about the power of machines and technology. They are used for engineering transportation, excavation, emergency repair, and even combat. Common engineering vehicles include: heavy transport vehicles, large cranes, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, loaders, electric repair vehicles, engineering rescue vehicles, armored engineering vehicles (combat engineering vehicles), etc.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 1 construction machinery and equipment

1、 Why use wireless remote control?

At present, there are two main disadvantages of engineering vehicles

(1) Harsh working environment: the construction objects of construction machinery are usually heavy building materials (steel, concrete, stone, sand, etc.), and there is even radioactive threat in the accident rescue of Fukushima nuclear power station, so the working environment of construction machinery is generally harsh, which will cause life and property losses in serious cases.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 2 harsh working environment of construction machinery

(2) Narrow operation space: at present, most of the operation of construction machinery is carried out by the operator in the cab. Because the cab environment is closed and the field of vision is narrow, it is difficult to have a clear overall grasp of the situation of the whole construction site. When the mechanical arm or other objects block the line of sight between the operator and the construction site, it is easy to reduce the construction efficiency In addition, improper coordination of on-site command may even lead to construction accidents.

Therefore, the application of wireless remote control technology can completely solve the above problems, so that the operators do not have to be constrained by the cab, can freely walk around the construction site to observe and remote control the construction machinery, so as to improve the operation efficiency and safety. Wireless remote control is becoming an irreplaceable way to work in dangerous and harsh working environment.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 3 overall scheme block diagram of wireless remote control engineering vehicle

Obviously, the most important thing is the operation control system, which is the “brain” of engineering vehicles. Can communication is used between the traditional engineering vehicle console and the operation control system, and the general controller has can interface. Therefore, to realize the wireless remote control of engineering vehicles, as long as the can communication is converted to wireless communication.

2、 What are the solutions of wireless remote control?

1. Can to WiFi scheme

The canwifi-200t module independently developed by Zhiyuan electronics can convert can communication into WiFi communication, which can quickly realize wireless remote control, and the controller does not need to be changed.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 4 short distance wireless remote control engineering vehicle

Compared with ZigBee, 433 and other wireless communication modes, WiFi communication has obvious advantages in transmission rate, and Zhiyuan canwifi is upgraded to support 5g WiFi channel transmission, with faster short-range speed and higher timeliness!

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 5 Schematic diagram of canwifi working mode

2. Can to 5g scheme

WiFi deployment is simple, but there is still a distance problem. The maximum range of hot spots supports 100m (open environment). Is there a faster and more convenient solution?

As a basic general technology, 5g will drive the vigorous development of many vertical fields. For example, artificial intelligence, Internet, industrial Internet of things, Internet of vehicles, big data, cloud computing, robotics and blockchain will flourish through 5g. 5g as the fifth generation wireless mobile communication technology, its speed is 10 times faster than the current 4G technology.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 6 Comparison of cellular data

How to convert can signal into 5g signal, and then realize “people sitting at home, the car is still working efficiently”, real remote control of engineering vehicles?

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 7 remote control construction machinery and equipment

As the 5g industry is just emerging, there are few 5g related products on the market. In the application of 5g, the communication data conversion with can is mostly used in automotive electronics, mining equipment and rail transit industries. At present, the mainstream of the industry is can or Ethernet interface.

Huawei launched 5gcpe for enterprise users in early 2019. First of all, let’s have a brief understanding of what CPE is. The full name of CPE is customer premise equipment. It can be simply understood that 5gcpepro is a 5g customer terminal device, and the router is the most common customer terminal device used in home. Therefore, it can be understood that Huawei 5gcpepro is a 5g all Netcom intelligent router.

Different from ordinary routers, 5gcpepro supports two networking modes: traditional wired broadband and SIM card.

More importantly, once the city covers 5g network, Huawei 5gcpepro can directly convert 5g signal into high-speed Wi Fi signal and Gigabit Ethernet network.

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 8 Huawei CPE function

With the help of high-performance Ethernet to can module of Zhiyuan electronics, the function of mutual transmission of CAN bus data and Ethernet data can be realized.

It integrates 1,2,4-channel can bus interface and 1,2-channel Ethernet interface, and has its own TCP / IP or UDP protocol stack. Users can easily complete the interconnection between CAN bus network and Ethernet network, establish Ethernet can two-layer network architecture, realize remote control, and greatly expand the application scope of CAN bus network

Wireless remote control technology of construction machinery

Figure 95g wireless remote control engineering vehicle block diagram

The interface between can and Ethernet is of industrial design. The can interface is equipped with magnetic coupling isolation module to avoid the damage caused by ground circulation. It has strong anti-static and surge ability, so it can be used in harsh environment.

With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, intelligent, digital development trend has become the mainstream, I hope we can provide customers with stronger products! More support! Better service!

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