On July 5, Liuzhou municipal government and China Southern Power Grid Guangxi Power Grid Co., Ltd. signed a new era power cooperation agreement on comprehensively deepening the 13th five year plan. According to reports, the signing of the new era comprehensive deepening of the “13th five year plan” power cooperation agreement is a new starting point for the two sides to deepen cooperation.

According to the agreement, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China Southern Power Grid Guangxi Power Grid Corporation will invest no less than 5 billion yuan in the construction and transformation of Liuzhou Power Grid, accelerate the construction of Liuzhou target grid, and focus on accelerating the construction of power grid projects in important industrial parks such as Liudong new area and Northern ecological new area; Give full play to the advantages of technology and capital, do a good job in the development planning of Liuzhou smart grid with high standards and high standards, pilot the application of new technologies for flexible distribution network, comprehensive energy development and the construction of “electric Liuzhou” in new urban areas such as Liudong new area and Northern ecological new area, and strive to build a model of smart grid, Lay a foundation for Liuzhou to establish a “made in China 2025” national demonstration zone; Strive to achieve the goal that the average outage time of urban central customers is less than 1 hour by 2020, and the power supply reliability will reach the domestic advanced level. At the same time, we will fully implement reform policies and measures to ensure that the people of Liuzhou fully enjoy the dividends of reform.

According to the agreement, the government and enterprises will strengthen contact and cooperation, sign a project cooperation agreement and jointly promote the development and construction of the smart grid industrial park in the northern ecological new area of Liuzhou city. The municipal government will further improve the coordination mechanism of power grid construction, coordinate power grid planning and urban planning, further improve the investment and construction environment of power grid, and ensure the smooth implementation of power grid projects; Strengthen overall planning and coordination, give priority to meeting the project land and corridor needs of the smart grid demonstration project, and promote the completion of the project as soon as possible; Strengthen policy guidance to ensure the smooth progress of power system reform; Further strengthen policy support to ensure the implementation of power service innovation measures; We will continue to strengthen power law enforcement to ensure the safety of power grids and the safety of people’s lives and property.

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