According to the WHO report, the incidence of myopia among Chinese adolescents is currently the highest in the world, and myopia seriously affects national health. Poor classroom lighting is one of the main causes of myopia among students. In recent years, the state has successively promulgated the "Sanitary Standards for Classroom Lighting and Lighting in Primary and Secondary Schools", "Technical Specifications for Classroom Lighting in Primary and Secondary Schools", and "Implementation of Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents". Program” and other documents. A series of classroom lighting renovation projects have also been carried out in various places to provide children with a better learning environment and protect students' eyesight.

So, what kind of lighting should a school classroom use?

1. Excellent illumination

"Classroom Lighting and Lighting Hygiene Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools" points out that all classrooms should be equipped with artificial lighting, and the maintained average illuminance value on the classroom desktop should not be less than 300lx, and its illuminance uniformity should not be less than 0.7; classroom blackboards Local lighting should be set up, and its average illuminance value should not be lower than 500lx, and the illuminance uniformity should not be lower than 0.8.

2. No glare The "Hygienic Standard for Lighting and Lighting of Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools" points out that the uniform glare value (URG) of classrooms should not be greater than 19. The data shows that the glare value of traditional T8 bracket fluorescent lamps and ordinary LED lamps without glare treatment is greater than 20, causing glare. Studying in this environment for a long time will cause students to feel dizzy. 3. High Color Rendering Index "Classroom Lighting and Lighting Hygiene Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools" states that the color rendering index of classroom lighting sources should not be less than 80, and if the color rendering index is less than 80, the picture you see will be distorted. 4. No-light stroboscopic hazards The stroboscopic effect has a greater impact on the eyesight, which is easy to distract students' attention and reduce the efficiency of learning. Studying in an environment with large strobes for a long time is also easy to cause visual fatigue. 5. Moderate color temperature The "Standards for Lighting and Lighting Hygiene in Classrooms of Primary and Secondary Schools" points out that classrooms should use light sources with a color temperature of 3300K-5500K. 6. No blue light hazard "Blue light" mostly exists in ordinary LED lamps. If it is not treated with anti-blue light, it is harmful.

Guangmingyuan has been committed to the research of healthy light environment on campus, starting from six core parameters such as illuminance, glare, light stroboscopic, color rendering index, color temperature, and blue light. Guangmingyuan LED eye protection panel light and LED eye protection blackboard light products have the characteristics of no stroboscopic, low glare, no blue light damage, high CRI, scientific light distribution, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, Guangmingyuan classroom lighting has covered many regional campuses, and has won unanimous praise from teachers, students and parents.

Guangmingyuan classroom lighting renovation case: Heshan Shaping Middle School

Before the renovation of the classroom, the desks and blackboards in the classroom had problems such as low illumination, unevenness, stroboscopic, high color temperature, etc., which would cause harm to the eyesight health of students when they study in the classroom.

After the renovation of Guangmingyuan, the overall illuminance of the classroom has been improved significantly, effectively solving the problems of uneven distribution of illuminance and glare hazards in school classrooms, and establishing a more comfortable and healthy campus light environment for teachers and students.

Guangmingyuan classroom lighting

Color temperature: 5000K;

Glare Index: <19;

Blue light hazard level: zero blue light;

no flicker;

Color rendering index: ≥90

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Original title: What kind of lighting equipment should be used in school classrooms?

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