Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Guangdong Guangming Yuanguang Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with all walks of life many times to provide a full range of ultraviolet disinfection transmission platforms for cold chain logistics, general logistics centers, isolated hotels, airports and hospitals, etc. At the beginning of 2022, Shanghai Fudan University entered a state of strict closure and control management, which made Guang Mingyuan particularly concerned. As an alumnus of the Physics Department of Fudan University in 1987, Chairman of Guangmingyuan Hong Yannan is at his alma mater, cares about the health and safety of teachers and students on campus, and hopes to contribute to the school's epidemic prevention. Since the beginning, sincere cooperation on the road of epidemic prevention has begun. The Department of Electric Light Sources of Fudan University provides theoretical guidance for Guangmingyuan, and Guangmingyuan also actively shares relevant R&D practical experience. The two parties work together to develop a series of excimer lamp products with stable and reliable quality for human-machine coexistence sterilization. In order to strengthen the health protection of teachers and students on campus, Guangmingyuan donated 5 UV surface disinfection machines to Fudan University in batches and in an orderly manner, and also launched a cooperative UV six-sided uniform surface disinfection with Fudan University. Intelligent far-ultraviolet disinfection lamps for machines and elevators to help Fudan campus epidemic prevention work.


Keeping "Shanghai" together, donating disinfecting equipment to support Fudan

Since April 13, the Fudan campus, which has been closed for management, has ushered in a new “comrade-in-arms” for epidemic prevention and control. The front line, fighting the epidemic side by side with Fudan teachers and students, weaving a virus elimination net together, helping to speed up the realization of the new crown epidemic on campus. On April 16, the first UV surface disinfection machine arrived at Fudan University and was placed in the school The door was officially launched. On April 28, the remaining 4 UV surface disinfection machines were shipped from Guangmingyuan to Shanghai. On May 4, the UV surface disinfection machines were placed in Fudan University's Zhangjiang Campus, Handan North District, and Jiangwan. The campus cafeteria has been put into use for all-round sterilization of incoming and outgoing items.


According to reports, the UV surface disinfection machine uses 254nm high-energy short-wave UV technology, which has the highest radiation efficiency and is close to the peak wavelength of inactivation. Under high-intensity UV irradiation, it only takes 5 seconds to achieve 99.9% sterilization rate. It can sterilize the surface of the medicine packaging entering the school, reduce the risk of virus transmission, ensure the smooth flow of medicine life channels, and assist the campus to build a safe and fast epidemic prevention system. At the same time, considering that 254nm high-energy short-wave ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin and eyes, protective facilities are installed at the entrance and exit of the sterilizer, and 222nm sterilization zones that are safe and friendly to people are added at both ends to effectively solve the problems before the items. The problem of short disinfecting time later also avoids potential harm to people. It not only ensures the efficiency, but also ensures the safety of the human body, and implements all-round disinfecting to the end. To this end, the Shanghai Fudan University Education Development Foundation has sent a sincere letter of thanks to Guangmingyuan Company for its generous donation at a critical moment, and its contribution to the safety and stability of the campus and the bottom line of the health of teachers and students.



Cooperation and joint research, a variety of ultraviolet sterilization equipment to guard the campus

On April 21, the cooperative UV six-sided uniform surface disinfection machine and elevator intelligent far-UV disinfection lamp arrived at Fudan campus from Guangmingyuan, and officially appeared on the job. According to reports, the six-sided uniform surface disinfection jointly developed by Guangmingyuan and Fudan University has a larger body size and is suitable for surface disinfection of outdoor hard objects, such as cartons, hard outer packaging boxes, etc., which incorporates Fudan's optical technology. , to ensure efficient and uniform sterilization.


The elevator intelligent far-ultraviolet disinfection lamp is small in size, which can not only be used to sterilize the interior space of the elevator, purify the air, but also sterilize the surfaces of objects such as elevator buttons by directional irradiation. At the same time, the 222nm ultraviolet sterilization technology it adopts can effectively kill bacteria and viruses without harming the cornea and skin of the human body, realizing the coexistence of human and machine. It is learned from Guangmingyuan that the irradiation mode can also be divided into two modes: “light off when people come” and “light on when people come”, which are preset according to different actual needs to further ensure the safety of far ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Buttons don't have to be wiped with paper towels anymore."

Guang Mingyuan said that while ensuring the sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays, the more important thing is its photobiological safety. It is not the first time that the 222nm ultraviolet sterilization technology has appeared on the stage. Previously, many products such as SafeGlo222nm far-ultraviolet sterilization doors and SafeGlo222nm far-ultraviolet sterilization lamps have been used in public places such as the Winter Olympics and key places for epidemic prevention. With some applications, it realizes the innovative functions of human-machine friendly coexistence, which greatly expands the use of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization. By irradiating pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria with 222nm ultraviolet rays, the structure of DNA in the body is destroyed, causing them to die immediately or lose their ability to reproduce, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Ultraviolet light can carry out ultra-large-scale disinfecting and aerosol circulating disinfecting, and has the characteristics of no secondary cost and no residue. As a variety of ultraviolet disinfection equipment has been put on duty one after another, it has become a solid force for campus disinfection, helping the campus to operate smoothly and orderly. Guangmingyuan will continue to work hard to strengthen the epidemic prevention management system for the campus, so that the "light" of guardianship will illuminate the Fudan campus.

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