Recently, the 7th China Lithium new energy Millennium conference and lithium technology application Summit Forum were successfully held in Shenzhen. Guanghetong appeared at the conference with the wireless communication scheme of energy enabled lithium electric bicycle sharing power exchange technology, and explored low-carbon new energy technology with two rounds of electric, lithium battery equipment, BMS, sharing power exchange operators and other industry chain experts.

On site, Luo Jun, director of market development of guanghetong Internet industry, was invited to deliver a speech and participate in the round table forum. Luo Jun talked about: lithium batteries have many advantages such as long service life, light weight, small volume, good power performance and fast charging. In addition, the implementation of the new national standard policy for electric vehicles has gradually promoted the lithium electrification of the two wheeled electric vehicle industry. The commercial popularization process of two wheeled shared electric vehicles, take out electric vehicles for rental and power exchange, and high-end intelligent electric vehicles has been accelerating. In order to help the shared two wheeled vehicle industry, guanghetong has actively launched a full platform 5g / LTE series module suitable for sharing two wheeled vehicles, covering a wide range of charging and switching application scenarios.

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In view of the demand for high-precision positioning in the shared two wheel industry, guanghetong can also provide the overall reference module design scheme of “l610 + Huada Beidou dual frequency high-precision positioning” to support the integration of communication and conduction. For the long-term sleep state of shared travel, guanghetong module supports the low-cost PSM mode to reduce costs and improve equipment security. For example, the one-stop shared battery cabinet scheme of software and hardware and the battery cabinet with built-in guanghetong LTE module effectively solve the problems of remote communication of charging cabinet, remote monitoring of equipment, fire smoke and high temperature early warning, short circuit and leakage protection of equipment, etc. The battery management equipment with “power on and chain up” provides a control system to protect the safe use of the battery. At the same time, it has built-in guanghetong trusted chain up module, which can upload the battery operation status in real time and realize the whole network monitoring of lithium battery. Battery management equipment integrates blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of shared information.

In addition, guanghetong LTE series modules also provide businesses with Pan payment and wireless communication solutions, which are suitable for Pan payment, cloud speaker DTU, code scanning payment and other scenarios, and can be seamlessly integrated with mainstream cloud service providers.

In the same period, at the China Lithium Golden Tripod award ceremony, guanghetong won the gold medal of 2021 lithium industry Golden Tripod Award (Internet of things) with 4G / 5G module products suitable for shared charging and replacement. Guanghetong will continue to provide more wireless communication services for customers in the industry.

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At present, guanghetong has maintained long-term cooperation with important ecological partners such as new energy vehicles and shared two wheeled vehicles. A variety of module products have been applied in the fields of shared two wheeled vehicles, charging and changing cabinets, charging piles, BMS (battery management system), battery monitoring switches and so on.

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