In the era of live-streaming e-commerce 1.0, many stores and merchants have started the way of live-streaming goods with just a mobile phone. The new online live-streaming method not only optimizes the user experience, but also improves the conversion rate of commodity transactions, becoming a new consumption model. Today, in the face of the diversification and scenario-based demands of online live broadcast, live broadcast equipment is also iterating simultaneously with the development of communication technology and AI technology. The wireless mobile live broadcast directing all-in-one device that can provide bloggers with a smarter and smoother experience has become More and more self-broadcasting merchants choose.

Crossing the traditional live broadcast threshold, you can live broadcast at any time

When it comes to live broadcast, many businesses are always "dissuaded" by the configuration of advanced and expensive professional live broadcast equipment. In addition to equipment costs, a professional live broadcast also needs to face the threshold of technical operation. However, portable live broadcasts on mobile phones often fail to meet the picture quality and communication requirements required by professional live broadcasts.

In view of the above problems such as equipment cost, technical operation, live broadcast effect, etc., wireless mobile live broadcast director all-in-one equipment emerges from time to time. The all-in-one live broadcast director greatly reduces the threshold for live broadcast, helping businesses to create professional live broadcast effects like a camera.

With the continuous development of AIoT technology and the increasing demand for computing power in the live broadcast industry, Guanghetong has also launched the AI ​​module SCA825-W based on the Qualcomm QCS8250 chip platform with higher computing power and higher performance, which helps the live broadcast director to quickly Realize interconnection with more devices, connect multiple cameras smoothly, and process high-definition images more efficiently and quickly.

Multi-channel video stream input and AI image processing to enhance the interactive experience of live broadcast

A professional live broadcast requires the full cooperation of the director, capture card, encoder, streaming software and live broadcast platform. The input and output of information between various devices cannot be without the support of AI computing power. The intelligent live broadcast director all-in-one machine can realize multi-channel video stream input through the built-in high-performance Guanghetong AI module, support video picture requirements such as picture-in-picture/split screen/same screen, realize synchronous screen switching, and meet most live broadcast activities at the same time Seat requirements.

Furthermore, the all-in-one live broadcast director needs encoding and decoding for image processing and real-time video rendering. By equipped with the AI ​​​​module of Guanghe Tonggao computing power, image analysis can be quickly realized, helping live broadcast merchants to improve the interactive experience.

In addition, the intelligent live broadcast director all-in-one machine also supports the green screen keying function, eliminating the need for complicated operations such as the decoration of the live broadcast room. At the same time, the device has built-in major mainstream live broadcast platforms, and you can synchronize multi-platform broadcasts in real time with one click without streaming settings.

Guanghetong's new AI smart module is about to be launched, leading the new trend of online e-commerce

Qualcomm QCS8250 is a high-performance chip platform for AIoT applications. It integrates high-performance Kryo 585 CPU architecture, Adreno 650 GPU, independent NPU, Hexagon DSP and Adreno 995 DPU processors, which can provide comprehensive computing power support up to 15TOPS. AI computing power chip solution. Equipped with the Qualcomm QCS8250 platform, the SCA825-W AI module of Guanghetong has better graphics processing capability and leading AI performance. It can support up to 7 cameras concurrently, and the encoding capability can reach up to 8K and 60 frames per second.


In addition, SCA825-W has rich multimedia functions, including three-screen different display, support for multi-channel cameras; the interface expansion capability is also more powerful, integrating a series of interfaces such as microphone, USB, UART, etc., which is easy to expand to other external devices.

Relying on the industry-leading SoC platform, Guanghetong AI intelligent module will enter the new retail industry and promote the vigorous development of online live broadcasting.

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