Recently, Guanghetong announced that it is the first to start the development of 5G modules based on MediaTek T830 5G platform, accelerate the empowerment of global 5G network equipment that conforms to the 3GPP R16 standard and Sub-6GHz full channel, and greatly promote fixed wireless access and mobile hotspots, etc. The wide application and development of terminals in the 5G era.

The latest MediaTek T830 platform integrates the M80 5G modem and supports the 3GPP R16 standard. The 4nm process technology T830 adopts Arm Cortex-A55 quad-core CPU, equipped with Sub-6GHz full-band radio frequency transceiver, GNSS receiver and power management system, built-in hardware-level MediaTek network acceleration engine (Network Processing Unit) and Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi Offload Engine can provide gigabit-level throughput performance for 5G cellular network transmission to Ethernet or Wi-Fi without increasing CPU load. T830 also supports MediaTek 5G UltraSave power saving technology to reduce 5G communication power consumption and provide high-performance, high-speed, and energy-efficient communication solutions.

In 2021, Guanghetong has already launched the 5G module FG360 series equipped with the MediaTek T750 chip platform. With its high performance and high integration, it has been widely used in multiple fixed wireless access smart terminal scenarios. In the follow-up, Broadcom 5G R16 module equipped with MediaTek T830 platform will upgrade the performance synchronously. With the blessing of Arm Cortex-A55 quad-core CPU, the main frequency performance is 10% higher than that of FG360 series, and supports FDD and TDD mixed mode NR 4CA (Four-carrier aggregation), 5G signal coverage is wider. At the same time, the maximum speed of the new generation of 5G modules based on the MediaTek T830 platform can soar to 7.01Gbps, helping end users to enjoy a high-speed network connection experience.

In addition to excellent product performance, Broadcom’s module application solutions equipped with the MediaTek T830 platform will also be fully upgraded, including the tri-band Wi-Fi7 CPE solution (BE19000) and the dual-band Wi-Fi7 MiFi solution (BE6500). These solutions all support the advanced features of Wi-Fi7, such as MLO multi-link operation (Multi-Link Operation), support 160MHz/320MHz bandwidth, 6GHz frequency band and 4096QAM, wired network port solution rate up to 10GbE, to create performance for end customers A better, faster, more professional comprehensive solution.

The 5G FWA market is becoming an eye-catching 5G large-scale application market. This time, Guanghetong’s in-depth targeting of the 5G FWA market and optimization of product layout are the important achievements of the continuous exploration and promotion of 5G cutting-edge technologies. In the future, Guanghetong will continue to empower more IoT products to connect smoothly, help the development of smart scenarios such as smart office and industrial interconnection, and bring a smarter life experience to users around the world.

Tao Xi, general manager of the IoT MBB product management department of Guanghetong, said:

The previous generation of 5G modules based on the MediaTek T750 platform of Broadcom has achieved extraordinary results. The product development based on the new generation of MediaTek T830 platform will once again provide products with better performance for the IoT industry and help more 5G customers quickly develop terminals , shorten the time to market, allow more users to access the Internet through fixed wireless, and experience infinite possibilities in the wireless world.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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