Recently, the 15th STM32 national tour seminar was successfully opened and has been held in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Jinan and Hefei. Guanghetong participated in the whole process and displayed the STM32 development kit and solutions based on guanghetong 5g, LTE cat 4, LTE cat 1 and Nb IOT modules at each station, bringing the latest product demonstration and technical discussion to partners from all walks of life.

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A number of development kits with built-in guanghetong modules were unveiled

1. Guanghetong 5g development board industry solution

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Through 5g core communication devices and based on guanghetong fg150 5g module, open Linux development is carried out to help industry customers realize high-speed wireless data acquisition, transmission and upload to the cloud platform under 5g network environment. It is widely used in temperature, humidity and air pressure detection, data security encryption transmission, positioning and other scenarios.

5g + WiFi 6 FWA solution adopts wireless signal enhancement and amplification technology, supports WiFi 6 and mt7621 high-performance CPU, has stronger WiFi through wall ability and longer transmission distance, and bid farewell to the problem of WiFi coverage dead corner.

2. Industry reference design solution based on guanghetong LTE cat 1 module


Based on the guanghetong LTE cat 1 module, a variety of industry reference solutions came into being, such as the positioning tracker scheme designed by the dual band high-precision positioning module, the cloud horn development kit of open CPU, BMS battery management that can easily realize intelligent power exchange, and industrial control cloud DTU that supports direct access to cloud protocols such as Alibaba cloud / Tencent cloud / graffiti cloud, so as to provide 4G network connection for more industries.

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The positioning tracker equipped with guanghetong LTE cat 1 module l610 open CPU + Huada Beidou / dual frequency high-precision positioning module can be widely used in cold chain logistics, agricultural machinery positioning, bicycle sharing, fleet management, tracker, intelligent transportation, T-box, BMS battery management, etc. The cloud horn solution enabled by guanghetong lc610n cat 1 module provides merchants with intelligent collection voice broadcasting service, which can effectively avoid missing collection and order processing. After receiving the data, the 4G module in the industrial control cloud DTU transparently transmits and uploads it to the cloud. It supports direct access to Alibaba cloud / Tencent cloud / graffiti cloud / Huawei cloud / standard mqtt and other cloud protocols. The server and transmission mode can be configured in the cloud through SaaS app.

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