The charming picture of blue sky, blue sea, green island, Jinsha and white wave depicts Nan’ao Island in Shantou, Guangdong Province. From a simple island to a beautiful tourist destination, Nan’ao Island has completed a gorgeous turn on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

Some people say, “your years are quiet because someone is moving forward silently.” indeed, behind this visible beauty, there are countless people’s silent efforts, and Shantou Power Grid is one of the heroes.

“In economic development, electricity comes first.” Xie Weiqun, director of the office of Guangdong Shantou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, said: “power grid construction is comparable to highway construction in social infrastructure and is the lifeline of local economic development.”

Perhaps, in the current situation of sufficient power supply, people will gradually ignore the great role of power. If we look back, we will feel more deeply about the importance of electricity. At the beginning of reform and opening up, in the era of lack of power resources, power outages at three or five times not only plagued people’s daily life, but also made many power consuming enterprises miserable. Factory shutdown, workers’ idleness, order delay and power outage, like dominoes, triggered a series of social chain reactions.

Guangdong Shantou Power Grid will completely change the marketing mode and service mode of the power grid

From “using electricity” to “making good use of electricity”, Guangdong Shantou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid has been committed to meeting the power needs of people in pursuit of a better life.

Voltage upgrade and power supply surge

Speaking of, Shantou was one of the earliest areas in Guangdong to have electricity. In 1905, Shantou’s first electric light company was founded in Wufu lane, which ignited the spark of electric civilization.

By 1966, Shantou had the first 110 kV substation – dongdun substation. The 110 kV transmission line was sent to Shantou urban area, and Shantou Power Grid began to take shape.

Since then, taking advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, in the same year when Shantou became one of China’s four special economic zones, that is, in 1980, the first 220 kV Substation in Shantou, honglianchi substation, was completed, which also marks that Shantou has a safe and reliable provincial power grid as the main power supply.

Of course, the pace of continuous improvement of voltage level has never stopped. In December 1997, Shantou substation, a 500 kV substation, was completed and put into operation, which is also the first 500 kV Substation in eastern Guangdong, laying a milestone in the modernization of Shantou Power Grid.

At present, Shantou Power Grid has basically formed a double loop chain and ring structure power grid structure with local backbone power supply as the support and two 500 kV substations at Shantou station and Lugang station as the center. It is the largest prefecture level power grid in eastern Guangdong.

With the continuous improvement of voltage level, the power supply has also increased from 4.729 billion kwh in 2002 to 19.054 billion kwh in 2017. The goal of “using electricity” has been basically completed, providing a solid backing for local economy and life.

Two world first technologies put into operation 100% wind power consumption

The South Australia Island mentioned above can be said to be an epitome of the development of Shantou Power Grid. Witnessing the development process of South Australia power grid is like witnessing the development process of Shantou Power Grid.

As an island, South Australia is naturally rich in wind resources. Today, South Australia is well deserved as the “first island wind farm in Asia”, with 100% consumption of wind power.

However, although wind power is a clean and renewable resource, it has great volatility. How to consume it efficiently has always been a big problem in the industry.

In December 2013, Shantou Power Supply Bureau made a big breakthrough. At that time, Shantou Power Supply Bureau invested in the world’s first multi terminal flexible DC transmission project in South Australia, successfully solved the technical problem of stable, safe and large-scale access of renewable energy to large-scale power grid, and demonstrated the technical advantages of multi terminal flexible DC in new energy access. Since it was put into operation, it has transmitted 875 million kwh of electricity, which is equivalent to saving 349900 tons of standard coal and reducing 872100 tons of carbon dioxide.

In December 2017, South Australia successfully put into operation the world’s first mechanical high-voltage DC circuit breaker again, providing a better guarantee for the grid connection and consumption of new energy.

Shantou Power Supply Bureau also signed an innovation linkage cooperation framework agreement with Guangdong Electric Power Research Institute and energy technology company of Electric Power Research Institute to continuously seek innovation in technology and provide more possibilities for power grid construction.

Green and efficient construction of smart grid

The successful operation of the two world-class advanced technology projects has not only taken a step closer to “making good use of electricity” from a green perspective, but also laid a solid foundation for the establishment of a smart grid in South Australia.

“Nowadays, the stability of power supply in Nan’ao is better than that in Shantou,” said Xie Weiqun, director of the office. So, as a small island, how does the power grid of Nan’ao Island do it?

Originally, this year, Shantou Power Supply Bureau will invest 240 million yuan to build the smart grid demonstration area of Nan’ao Island, and explore and practice the zero emission and island smart grid with the characteristics of “safety, reliability, green and efficiency”.

Relying on the abundant wind resources of Nan’ao Island and advanced renewable energy power consumption technology, a complete “microgrid” will be formed in Nan’ao Island, which will not only meet the power demand of the island, but also transmit about 80% of the remaining power to the city, so as to contribute to reliable power supply and support the construction of ecological civilization and green development.

The word “smart” in smart grid, on the one hand, is manifested in the digitization of grid operation and maintenance. With the application of advanced Internet of things and other technologies, the operation and maintenance means are more diversified, remote and intelligent. For example, the newly adopted Internet of things communication technology Lora has the advantages of low power consumption, long distance, low cost and convenient networking, and overcomes the limitations of high power consumption and weak penetration of communication technologies in the past. On the one hand, it shows the intelligence of power consumption services. Through the application of cloud computing and other technologies, it analyzes users’ power consumption habits, accurately depicts users’ portraits, and provides users with personalized power supply plans. At the same time, it can also feed back to the power generation end according to power consumption habits, so as to promote the development of resource-saving society.

Lin Yang, a technical expert from the Ministry of planning and development, said that in 2018, we will continue to deepen the potential of smart grid. In the future, we may go deep into the power consumption scene and provide more personalized services, such as establishing contact with power consumption terminals such as air conditioners, water heaters and refrigerators, so as to form a closed loop in power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, and make dispatching more accurate and energy-saving.

Informatization management becomes the benchmark of independent operation and maintenance of low-voltage centralized reading system in the whole network

When it comes to service, we have to mention the information system of Shantou Power Supply Bureau, because in this field, Shantou Power Supply Bureau has always been a pioneer of power grid in the province.

From the development and application of the province’s first electricity charge information system in 1986 to the first realization of bank electricity networking to collect electricity charges in 2004. From 2011, when the province was the first to realize the full coverage of low-voltage centralized reading in the central urban area, to 2012, the construction and application of business distribution information integration took the lead in the whole network. Each innovation achievement reflects the “essence” and “reality” of Chaoshan electric power people.

In 2017, Shantou Power Supply Bureau took the lead in establishing the “integration of independent operation and maintenance, acquisition and maintenance” system and the automatic assembly line mechanism of reading, verification and collection in the whole network, becoming the benchmark of the whole network of independent operation and maintenance of low-voltage centralized reading, and the automatic meter reading and electronic settlement rate ranked the leading level in China.

Lin Feng, director of the marketing department who has served in the power supply bureau for 20 years, told reporters about the process of informatization. In his opinion: “from the manual age to informatization and automation, the last 10 years have changed more than the previous 30 years.”

“Before the application of information technology, meter reading, billing and charging were the most important businesses of the marketing department. Manual meter reading and card recording took more than half a month.” now, after the wide application of smart meters and information systems, more than 98% of users’ electricity bills are basically notified in place in the first three days of each month. “

Users can realize remote payment through electronic payment methods such as bank card or wechat, and the application and installation can also be done remotely, which greatly facilitates users.

This year, Shantou Power Supply Bureau will continue to promote the application of smart meters, such as adding the active alarm function of smart meters, that is, in case of power failure, the meters can receive information at the first time and feed it back to the background system in time, so as to troubleshoot and solve problems at the first time.

Lin Feng finally said that now the full coverage of smart meters in Shantou marks the real informatization and intelligence of Shantou Power Grid, which will completely change the marketing mode and service mode of power grid.

This will also force Shantou Power Grid to continuously improve itself and make continuous progress in the journey of “making good use of electricity”.

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