Recently, one belt, one road, was launched by Guangdong Grid Co. The Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. (2019) – (2022) is a comprehensive action plan for the construction of the Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau (hereinafter referred to as the plan). It closely focuses on the strategic positioning of the Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and builds a dynamic world-class city group from the Great Bay area, and builds an international technological innovation center with global influence. In the five aspects of building an important supporting role, building a demonstration area for in-depth cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, and building a high-quality life circle suitable for living, working and traveling, 21 and 85 key tasks have been determined, 26 key measures of China Southern Power Grid to serve the development of Dawan District have been earnestly implemented, and all efforts have been made to provide first-class power guarantee and power supply services for the construction of Dawan district.

Focus on building a world-class smart grid

The plan sets the main implementation targets for seven Dawan district power supply bureaus in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao from 2019 to 2022 year by year, and proposes to complete the planning and construction of 11 smart grid demonstration areas by the end of 2020, build a number of world-class smart grid demonstration areas with future distribution network development form, such as Dongguan Songshan Lake, consolidate the achievements of the “one hour action plan” of Dawan District cities, and realize the transformation from “power supply” to The transformation of “good power supply” will basically build a safe, reliable, green and efficient smart grid in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and take the lead in building a world-class smart grid in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area by 2030.

The “Internet plus” smart energy demonstration project in Zhuhai has just passed the acceptance of the national energy board, and has become the first project approved by the State Energy Bureau for the first time in the 55 Internet plus smart energy demonstration projects. It is also the most flexible and direct current distribution network project with the largest capacity, the largest voltage level and the key technologies of original independent innovation up to date. According to Huang Tao, deputy director of the Infrastructure Department of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, the project realizes the interconnection and mutual assistance of power supply areas, promotes the friendly access of distributed renewable energy, and improves the use efficiency of power grid resources and power quality.

The plan also puts forward detailed requirements for improving the disaster prevention and resilience of the power grid. “Strive to ensure that the power supply channel to Macao will not be interrupted, the power supply capacity will not be reduced, the central urban area of Zhuhai is not completely dark, and the regional centers and important users such as Doumen and Jinwan in strong wind areas can resume power quickly.” this is the goal of Zhuhai minimum power grid construction. The connection of Zhuhai 220kV Fenghuang Gongbei line into Jida project Two projects such as the expansion of the third main transformer project of 110kV Cuixiang station have just been put into operation. The third channel of Macao power transmission (Zhuhai side) project and 220 kV diequan substation are also planned to be put into operation in the middle of this year. “This is related to the power supply reliability, power demand and socio-economic development of Zhuhai and Macao. After the completion of the channel, eight 220 kV cables with three channels in the north and South will form the main power supply pattern to Australia, and the reliability and safety of power supply to Australia will be further improved.” Xiong Zhiwei of Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau said that before the typhoon season, Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau will also build 220 kV diequan substation, In the future, a 220 kV full cable channel for power supply to Australia will be formed, which will greatly improve the power supply security of the South Road channel for power supply to Australia.

Guangdong Power Grid Corporation issued the 2019-2022 action plan, focusing on building a world-class smart grid

Build a perfect dynamic mechanism for innovation and development

The plan clearly requires to increase the investment in scientific and technological research and development of relevant units in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, which will reach 9 billion yuan from 2019 to 2022. As a signboard of scientific and technological innovation of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, UAV Patrol has made a new breakthrough.

On April 2, a multi rotor UAV equipped with a high-definition camera took off in Jiangmen Taishan and began its “station to station” automatic inspection tour. In advance, the pilots built the three-dimensional model of the UAV line channel along the Longwen line of Taishan by using the laser point cloud three-dimensional modeling technology, formulated the autopilot navigation scheme, and determined the shooting position and shooting angle of each shooting point during the patrol inspection, “This UAV patrol adopts the fine patrol automatic driving technology. It only needs one key operation from take-off to landing, which is the first time that the whole network has used this technology on the distribution network line.” Guo Qidi of the machine patrol operation center of Guangdong Power Grid said excitedly.

On April 8, the pilot completed a programmed operation with 5g UAV at Lixin maintenance center in Dongguan. “5g UAV plus programmed operation is the first time in China,” said Ning Xuefeng, a technical expert of Dongguan Power Supply Bureau. “The operation time is shortened from 40 minutes to less than 5 minutes. Our UAV technology is more and more exquisite in various fields.”

Create a globally competitive power business environment

“We will strive to improve the power access and convenience of enterprises and the masses, transform the company’s innovative measures into service experience, and constantly meet the growing power needs of the people for a better life,” said a relevant person from the marketing department of Guangdong power grid. The plan proposes to build Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District into a business environment demonstration area, focus on customers, improve power operation efficiency, reduce power connection cost and improve service level.

After enjoying the investment interface extension policy of the power supply department, Jinke Weiye company, a Hong Kong funded enterprise in Dongguan, saved more than 1 million yuan of capital investment. “Guangdong power grid not only provides power guarantee for our enterprises, but also greatly reduces the pressure in the production process,” said Xue Lin, deputy general manager of the company.

“In the past, handling capacity increase required a lot of materials and processes, and had to run many times.” Mr. Zhou of vantage Co., Ltd., who became a “net red” during last year’s World Cup, talked about his past experience in power operation. “Now, after the online application, the power supply bureau takes the initiative to provide door-to-door service for other work.” Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong power grid not only provides the enterprise with convenient service of “not running at one time”, but also realizes the power on immediately, so that the original completion acceptance and meter and power connection need 10 working days to be completed in one day, which greatly improves the reporting and installation efficiency of industry expansion.

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