On March 3, China Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Corporation and Guangdong Power Grid Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will deepen cooperation on 25 tasks in five major fields, especially to further optimize the whole business process of customer service, improve the transparency of business process, simplify power handling materials, shorten power handling time, reduce power handling costs and reduce power consumption expenses, so as to enable enterprises to “obtain power” faster and better, Create a first-class business environment.

It is reported that this round of strategic cooperation is a comprehensive deepening of the three-year promotion action of Guangdong power grid to help Hainan power grid last year. It is also the answer of Hainan power grid to the new topic of serving Hainan pilot free trade zone and the construction of free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

According to the agreement, Guangdong power grid and Hainan power grid will cooperate on a total of 25 tasks in the five fields of planning and construction, production technology, marketing services, basic management and Party construction. On the basis of continuing the original assistance actions, they will increase cooperation in the fields of planning and construction, competitive business development and Party construction.

This cooperation will focus on supporting the construction of Hainan smart grid comprehensive demonstration Province, and a number of smart grid comprehensive demonstration projects will be completed by 2020; Assist Hainan power grid to speed up the construction and transformation of wind protection reinforcement, minimum guarantee power grid and coastal power grid, and improve the power supply guarantee and disaster resistance capacity; Support Hainan power grid to build Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism pilot area, Haikou Jiangdong CBD, Haikou and Sanya central urban area and other power supply high reliability demonstration areas; Guide Hainan Power Grid Corporation to carry out 500 kV project construction, etc.

It is also reported that in May this year, Hainan power grid launched the “14th five year plan” and medium and long-term development planning of smart grid, and focused on building a digital and visual smart grid suitable for the construction of Hainan free trade pilot zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

On June 25, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. and EDF signed the cooperation statement of Boao Lecheng smart grid and low-carbon smart energy comprehensive demonstration zone project. The project was listed as Hainan hundred days investment promotion (project) activity to promote, so as to provide a model and experience for Hainan’s construction of smart grid.

At the same time, Hainan power grid recently completed the preliminary concept of power grid planning of Haikou Jiangdong new area. According to the preliminary plan, Jiangdong new area will add two 220 kV substations and nine 110 kV substations in the long term. Subsequently, Hainan power grid will timely revise the load forecasting level and power grid planning scheme according to the municipal planning data.

Deng Enhong, chairman of Hainan Power Grid Corporation, said that driven by the new topic of serving the construction of Hainan pilot free trade zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics, the three-year improvement action plan of Hainan power grid accelerated into a new journey.


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