When it comes to 5g construction, we have to mention Guangdong Mobile, which has enjoyed the “first soup” of 5g construction. In the past year, Guangdong Mobile has fully implemented the “5g +” plan, enabling all industries to work intensively and excellently in many fields, and has handed over a brilliant report card.

By the end of October, Guangdong Mobile had more than 50000 5g base stations and more than 13 million 5g customers; 18 group 5g leading demonstration projects, 5 smart application demonstration bases and 306 provincial demonstration projects have been built; There are more and more new products in the terminal industry chain market. At present, more than 140 5g mobile phones have been released on the market.

Build the largest 5g network in China

In this year, Guangdong Mobile deeply implemented the strategy of network power, promoted the deployment of 5g network unconventionally, built more than 50000 5g base stations in the whole province, built a 5g network with the largest scale and the best quality in China, and realized the full coverage of 5g network in areas above the township level in the Pearl River Delta, hot rural areas, areas above the county level in the East and northwest of Guangdong, and important towns The 5g network coverage of subway, expressway and other traffic arteries, as well as scenic spots, business circles, characteristic towns, large buildings and other key scenes is increasingly perfect.

Guangdong Mobile: build a national leading 5g application "model house"

Guangdong Mobile’s 5g network construction leads the country, and 21 cities in the province have launched 5g services. Guangdong Mobile also takes the initiative to integrate into the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area and pilot demonstration area, building Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area into a national and even global 5g network demonstration area, and helping Shenzhen become the first city with full coverage of 5g independent network in the world.

Build a national leading 5g application “model house”

This year, Guangdong Mobile deeply promoted the in-depth integration of 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other emerging information technologies, and created a 5g Industry Application Benchmark in many fields. It is understood that in the third “blooming Cup” 5g application competition sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology this year, the number of first and second prizes won by Guangdong Mobile ranked first among the provincial operators, and the number and quality of industry applications remained the national leader.

Previously, the reporter participated in the “5g plus new energy” activity and saw that in the Huawei smart Park project in Dongguan, Guangdong Mobile realized wireless flexible production with data as the core by building 5g private network to meet the requirements of indoor scenes, using 5g slicing and other technologies, and created the world’s first large-scale commercial benchmark of 5g advanced manufacturing, with an annual cost saving of over 28 million yuan.

In Shenzhen Mawan port smart port project, relying on 5g private network construction, Guangdong Mobile has realized remote control, UAV inspection, intelligent security and other applications. After the implementation of the project, the number of on-site port operators has been reduced by 80%, the potential safety hazard has been reduced by 50%, and the comprehensive operation efficiency has been improved by 30%.

In addition, Guangdong Mobile has also built the world’s first “5g smart grid” with China Southern Power Grid. Focusing on power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and other aspects, Guangdong Mobile has carried out 5g + smart grid application innovation, and achieved six global firsts in distribution network differential protection, SA slice operation and other aspects.

Leading the new development of 5g customers in China

Entering the 5g era, Guangdong Mobile has accelerated the promotion of 5g into public life and become a pioneer in serving the public. This year, Guangdong Mobile continued to create a variety of new products, new services, new models, new formats, highlight the application orientation, face the communication of public entertainment life, create a full scene immersive business experience, and meet the people’s needs for a better digital life. At present, the number of 5g customers of Guangdong Mobile has exceeded 13 million, becoming the largest provincial operator of 5g customers in China.

Guangdong Mobile continues to carry out all kinds of discount and experience activities, so that many customers can understand and experience 5g, and use 5g in their daily life and work. Guangdong Mobile creates a 5g innovative application aggregation platform for Guangdong enjoyment, integrating ultra high definition video, cloud games, live broadcast, social networking, and mobile 5g business processing. It gathers a number of 5g applications including multi slot, VR second scene, cloud games, etc., and brings users a three-dimensional, immersive, interactive and social 5g innovative experience combined with the local characteristics of Guangdong.

In the future, Guangdong Mobile will continue to promote 5g integration into all industries and serve the public, realize full coverage of smart city, smart transportation, smart energy and other fields, continue to help economic and social transformation and upgrading, make greater contributions to the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Dawan district and Shenzhen pilot demonstration zone, and promote Guangdong to realize “four in the forefront of the country” and “two important windows”.

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