The 14th Music Festival, miguhui, was held in Guangzhou on December 5, setting off the carnival of Chinese music in 2020. “Wuji” is a 5g homophonic. It uses 5g technology to provide high-definition live broadcasting with Super bandwidth, ultra-low delay and wide connection. The audience has a subversive and innovative experience from visual experience to interactive play.

In this session of miguhui, Guangdong Mobile and Migu company jointly created the world’s first live broadcast ceremony with 5g + 4K / 8K + cloud performance technology. With technology enabled content upgrading and interactive innovation, they built a new ecosystem of cloud performance in the 5g era, and opened a high-quality immersive audio-visual feast for users with technological innovation. Using 5g to shape the industry model of cloud performance ability, it occupies the “C” position in the trend of 5g era.

Guangdong Mobile and Migu jointly open a new era of 5g live broadcasting

Subvert traditional vision, mobile 5g power Migu Music Festival

Under the 5g wave, Guangdong Mobile, together with Migu company, has presented music fans with 5g black technologies, such as 5g + 4K / 8K ultra high definition image quality, 9 perspectives, bullet time, free perspective, 5g cloud audience, cross space-time holographic interaction, 5g cloud box, 5g cloud call and so on, presenting music fans with on-the-spot and dynamic cloud carnival.

Under the technical support of Guangdong Mobile 5g network, the live event carries out real-time transmission of UHD live signal through 5g network, providing high-quality and stable guarantee for the extreme smooth experience of thousands of music fans in the cloud. In the 8K Ultra HD screen, every tiny expression of the singers is clearly visible when they sing and dance.

Black technologies such as 9 perspectives, bullet time, and free perspective enable music fans to enjoy immersive viewing experience on-line. Aidou’s favorite perspective and original painting perspective are super HD direct shooting to restore the details of every moment, so that fans can feel the surprise of cleaning their idol’s eyelashes. I can’t enjoy the performance at the front desk, and VR meeting can also let fans chat with their idols face to face backstage The two technologies of bullet time and free perspective seem to freeze time and space. Fans can choose their own perspective 360 degrees to savor every highlight moment on the stage.

Technological innovation brings not only breakthrough viewing experience, but also subversive cloud interactive play. With the blessing of 5g technology, the audience can collectively “cross” to the miguhui site to compete for the C position in the auditorium, and connect with the artists on the stage in real time through the screen, so as to restore the lucky moments of fans at the offline concert site to the maximum extent.

Open a new era of 5g live broadcasting and “zero distance” for a better life

5g commercial for more than a year, Guangdong Mobile’s 5g construction is gradually moving to a new level. It can be seen from the Migu concert that 5g live broadcasting technology has subverted the traditional viewing experience, making the audience more successful even when they are not on the scene, providing a breakthrough and innovative role for cultural entertainment.

At present, with the continuous expansion and acceleration of 5g live technology, its high-definition and low delay characteristics give all walks of life unlimited possibilities. What kind of changes does the 5g live broadcast technology of Guangdong Mobile bring to people’s production and life, and how does it enable the digital transformation?

5g live + medical

With the support of Guangdong Mobile 5g network, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, together with the first people’s Hospital of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, successfully carried out a new attempt of remote consultation with the help of 5g HD live broadcast. Experts and professors in Guangzhou provided technical guidance to the operating room of Bijie first hospital through real-time transmission of high-definition live video of surgery, and jointly completed a highly difficult operation.

5g live broadcasting technology breaks the limitation of time and space, so that patients in different places can enjoy the treatment of high-tech experts without long journey. Not only get rid of the pain, but also reduce the cost of transportation, accommodation and other non-medical costs, improve people’s sense of happiness and security.

5g live + Sports

Thanks to the 5g technology of Guangdong Mobile, Guangzhou marathon in 2019 realized 5g + 4K + AI live broadcast for the first time. Through 5g + VR live broadcast, 5g + AI video and other 5g black technology, we can bring the contestants and the audience a thorough 5g + immersive sports experience. Even if you can’t get to the scene, you just need to wear VR glasses and live through 5g to “run online” and feel the exciting sports events as if you are on the scene.

In addition, many sports events such as CBA Basketball Match, Chinese Super League football match, volleyball match and so on are broadcast live by Guangdong Mobile 5g. From small screen of mobile phone to large screen of TV to vr virtual reality, rich and colorful 5g live experience can stimulate people’s interest in sports, spread the concept of national fitness, cultivate national sports awareness, and promote the construction of healthy China.

5g live + education

Based on the low delay characteristics of 5g network, Guangdong Mobile has realized the synchronous 5g smart classroom in Shenzhen, Beijing and Guiyang. Through 5g live broadcast, the 1:1 live image of the teacher in Beijing is projected to the far classroom. The classroom will no longer be limited by time and space, and students in Shenzhen and Guiyang can interact with teachers without getting stuck. With the help of 5g live technology, it is expected to solve the imbalance of teaching resources between regions, narrow the education gap, and gradually fill the education gap between regions.

5g live broadcast + poverty alleviation

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, there are many unsalable agricultural products in Guangdong. To this end, Guangdong Mobile volunteered to give full play to the advantages of network and information technology, set up 5g network for the live broadcast of agricultural products, ensured the smooth flow of the network, and helped farmers open a new market for 5g live broadcast of agricultural products.

Guangdong Mobile continues to combine 5g technology construction with poverty alleviation work, and opens the path of targeted poverty alleviation through informatization. By improving the basic network capacity and application level of poor villages, poverty alleviation work can get a free ride of informatization.

5g live broadcasting has gradually penetrated into daily life, 5g technology has changed people’s lifestyle and habits. In the future, Guangdong Mobile will continue to devote itself to the coverage of 5g infrastructure, further deepen the “5g +” plan, spare no effort to create a new mode of integrated development of 5g technology and thousands of industries, make full use of the synergy effect of industrial integration, accelerate the digital transformation of industry, and provide stable technical support for the construction of digital society.

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