In science fiction and espionage movies, intelligent glasses are the most existential devices that are closest to our real life. In 2012, Google launched the world’s first smart glasses, detonating the entire wearable device industry. In recent years, technical personnel from all over the world continue to expand the technical boundary of intelligent glasses and extend the application scope of intelligent glasses to various fields.

Guangdong hechuang intelligent glasses can realize real-time monitoring of human body temperature

Guangdong Hechuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new type of intelligent glasses for epidemic prevention. As long as you wear it, you can realize thermal imaging temperature measurement, video recording, remote interaction, face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions. The intelligent glasses use 800W pixel image sensor, large wide angle, optical anti shake system, powerful and easy to use. In addition, the accuracy of the thermal imaging module is up to 0.3 degrees, the maximum detection distance is 5 meters, the line of sight range is 26 degrees, and the light transmittance is more than 80%. It is closer to ordinary glasses, avoids the abrupt feeling, and is more suitable for wearing for a long time.

This kind of glasses can be used for real-time monitoring of the epidemic situation. When there is a small screen of glasses for real-time monitoring of the epidemic situation, a small screen of glasses can be used to monitor the situation of the epidemic in real time. In the process of law enforcement, the law enforcement personnel can connect with the back-end intelligent cloud platform through the camera on the glasses, conduct on-site audio and video synchronous video forensics, and quickly identify the personnel and vehicles within the visual range through face recognition and license plate recognition. The images of the glasses can also be synchronously transmitted back to the command headquarters, which can help the commanders to conduct command and deployment as if they were on the scene in police operations.

With the continuous improvement of intelligent technologies such as AR and AI, and the innovation of intelligent glasses, public security prevention has realized the first visual angle interaction, realized multi-dimensional connection, cognition and coordination, and liberated law enforcement personnel from wearing heavy equipment, making law enforcement more accurate and obtaining evidence more accurate.

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