As soon as you drive into Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, the buildings on both sides are low, and the factories in blocks are connected. Along the way, there are mobile phone billboards everywhere, as if to a “mobile phone kingdom”.

In the opposite direction of the noisy Chang’an Town, there is an area that is very quiet. European style buildings are built according to the lake, integrating into the customs of all over the world. From time to time, a small train passes through the park, showing that Dongguan City is in line with international standards and has the strength to transform and upgrade to a high-tech industry.

Guangdong Dongguan smart grid construction has achieved full coverage of self-healing function

After a number of upstream and downstream enterprises in the mobile phone industry, we found that the electricity consumption of Changying Precision Technology Co., Ltd., which produces mobile phone products, and Dongguan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which produces mobile phone batteries, also increased by 38.4% and 18.6% year-on-year respectively. In the first half of this year, the electricity consumption of Songshan Lake region increased by 35% year-on-year, It is pulsating the rapid development of Dongguan electronic information industry.

Thanks to edge intelligence, the substation that can “self heal” is also a new thing in Dongguan smart grid construction. On May 5, with the self-healing function of “F35 ring network line of yangkengtang station and f28 ring network line of Shenghua station” put into automatic mode, Dongguan Power Grid realized full coverage of self-healing function, shortened the influence time of load affected by fault area by 98%, realized fast and accurate power restoration, and effectively improved the reliability of power supply.

Nowadays, everyone’s small mobile phone is giving birth to the vigorous development of a large number of upstream and downstream industries, which are driven by technological innovation. The construction of Dongguan smart grid has always been accompanied, which not only provides strong power support for it, but also continuously draws strong momentum from it.

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