461 operators in 137 countries are investing in 5g

London, UK – August 26, 2021 – the global mobile Providers Association (GSA) confirmed today that the number of 5g networks has exceeded 175 for the first time and now reached 176 – with business in 72 countries and regions. It is estimated that by mid August 2021, 461 operators in 137 countries / regions are investing in 5g, including testing, licensing, planning, network deployment and startup, which will increase. At the same time, the number of commercial 5g devices has increased to 608, an increase of more than 66% in six months.

The latest “5g market – August 2021” report released by GSA shows that 176 operators in 72 countries / regions have launched one or more 5g services that meet the 3GPP standard, of which 166 GSA in 67 countries / regions also counted that 63 operators in 34 countries / regions have launched 5g FWA or home broadband services that meet the 3GPP standard.

With regard to 5g equipment, GSA has catalogued the 5g equipment announced by 938, an increase of 588 since January 2021. Although there are various 5g device shapes, the mobile phone factor is the most prominent factor. GSA has determined the 5g mobile phone announced by 450.

The free executive summary of the “5g market – August 2021” report can be downloaded here: https://gsacom.com/paper/5g-market-update-execuTIve-summary-august-2021/

“The number of 5g networks launched worldwide is increasing. 176 operators have launched commercial networks and even invested more in this technology. At the same time, we also see more 5g devices announced. The number of commercial devices has increased by more than 66% in the past six months alone,” commented Joe Barrett, President of GSA. “The explosive growth of available devices and real-time networks shows that 5g is expected to succeed globally.”

About GSA

GSA is the spokesman of the global mobile ecosystem, representing companies engaged in the supply of infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, equipment, applications and mobile support services. The organization plays a core role in promoting 3GPP technology, advocating spectrum policy and stimulating the development of IMT industry. The association is a single source of information for industry reports and market intelligence.

GSA gambod database is a unique search and analysis tool. It was developed to search LTE and 5g devices and new global data about mobile broadband networks, technologies and spectrum (NTS). The results are presented in the form of lists or charts. Charts can be inserted into documents or presentations, but they must be approved by GSA as a source.

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