Granite River labs (GRL), a global leader in digital interconnection, charging technology testing and certification services and automated testing solutions, today announced the official opening of a new laboratory in Karlsruhe, Germany. The laboratory is located in an important technical center in Germany. Its scientific research direction is mainly to meet the growing needs of European automotive, medical and industrial automation industries, and can help verify and eliminate the faults of high-speed connection and charging interfaces. Application interfaces include automotive Ethernet, HDMI, USB, Mipi, DDR, USB PD and Qi wireless charging.

R & s rtp164 oscilloscope will become an important equipment for GRL’s new certification test capability. (photo from granite River labs)

Rhode and Schwartz, the industry-leading global test and measurement equipment supplier (hereinafter referred to as “R & S company”), will also become key participants in the world’s advanced high-speed digital conformance testing laboratory. The rtp164 oscilloscope newly launched by R & S company will support GRL to achieve new compliance and certification capabilities, and greatly strengthen the commissioning capability and consistency certification services of GRL European laboratories, including 1000base-t1, mgbase-t1 on-board Ethernet (mutigigabit autonomous Ethernet), USB 2.0 and ultra-high speed USB, HDMI, HDMI, Mipi d-phy, DDR, etc. The RTP high-performance oscilloscope of R & S company combines signal integrity analysis function and high-speed acquisition rate. In addition, real-time analysis functions such as built-in 16ghz serial code trigger, real-time hardware based CDR and real-time de embedding make this oscilloscope stand out from similar products.

Holger Kunz, President of global services at granite River labs, said: “Germany is the innovation center of netunion Automotive Technology in automotive network, on-board infotainment system and charging and power management. In addition, medical equipment and industrial automation applications are rapidly adopting new connection and communication technologies to create the next generation of products and solutions. R & S is an ideal partner, which will enable GRL to take advantage of its deep expertise, Support the ecological adoption of new technologies in product development throughout Europe. “

Dr. Amin shokrollahi, CEO and founder of kandou, said: “GRL’s test environment and equipment in the European center will enable us to accelerate the development of chips to support the development of electronic devices and meet the needs of future consumers. We attach great importance to this partnership. GRL’s expertise helps us become a leader in high-speed and energy-saving chip link solutions and achieve the goal of completely changing the current situation of wired transmission.”

Dr. Nik dimitrakopoulos, automotive marketing manager of R & S, also mentioned: “we are very happy to cooperate with GRL. GRL is one of the world’s leading test and engineering service companies, which can provide first-class conformance testing for existing and future high-speed digital communications. We are proud to contribute to the European automotive industry in such meaningful testing resources and services.”

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