Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first time GREE’s real estate market has launched a “AR watch”. Many of the industry’s market expectations are unstable, leading to a relatively serious impact in the first quarter. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic and relieve market pressure, many enterprises have begun to integrate new technologies and new models into their daily operations. Among them, “cloud sales” and “experiential business” and other new models are experiencing rapid growth, refreshing the consumer experience.

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, sales of real estate were pressed by the “pause button”. In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control requirements in Guangdong, GREE real estate actively seeks technological innovation, and combines the “AR+AI” technology to launch online shopping platform for GREE coast and Ping Sha nine Plaza. The advantage of AR house viewing is that it can view the three-dimensional structure of the house from different angles, and realize multi angle house viewing for consumers.

Due to work needs, Mr. Lin has to cross the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge to and from the mainland and Hong Kong every week. After a long journey on the road, Mr. Lin spent less time with his family, so he had the idea of buying a house in the mainland. Zhuhai, which is suitable for life, industry and tourism, has always been his first choice. After many visits and investigations, Gree coast, located in Lovers Road, has become his first choice for house purchase.

In November 2019, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao launched “16 measures to benefit Hong Kong”, and Mr. Lin is eligible to buy a house. After discussing with his family, he further strengthened his determination to buy a house in Zhuhai and planned to “mobilize the whole family to see the house during the Spring Festival.”.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia disrupted the house’s plan. After calling the real estate consultant, Mr. Lin was pleasantly surprised to learn that Gree coast is about to launch “ar house viewing platform”. He didn’t expect that he could choose Xinshui house for epidemic prevention at home. It’s very convenient not to run back and forth. ” Mr. Lin said excitedly. After fully understanding the project information such as room type, area and orientation, Mr. Lin decided to choose the purchase process “cloud management”. In this special spring festival, Dawan district’s career dream can be realized through the “ar viewing” platform.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, GREE real estate has also adhered to the purpose of “serving the warm” epidemic situation, maintaining stability and promoting development. In addition to flexibly using augmented reality technology, the aim of the “real estate service” is to create the best buying experience for consumers.

“This epidemic will not change Gree real estate’s determination to build a better city and develop together with Dawan district.”. We will also actively try new technologies to create a more convenient and comfortable experience for home buyers. ” Gree real estate marketing director said.

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