In recent years, “automatic driving” has become a hot spot in the automobile industry. Major automobile companies and Internet leading enterprises have started the research and development of automatic driving, and formed “theoretical school” and “practical school”. Great Wall Motor, which has always been famous for its practical work, is naturally the representative of the “practical school”, and this spirit is highly praised by the capital market.

A few days ago, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., the “rookie” of automatic driving, successfully completed the pre-A round of financing. It is reported that this round of financing is led by Shougang fund, followed by meituan and hillhood venture capital, with an amount of several hundred million yuan.

It is understood that the predecessor of Momo Zhixing is the intelligent driving Department of great wall motor. Thanks to this, the core team of Momo Zhixing has a lot of great wall motor technical talents. At the same time, Momo Zhixing also includes a team of Internet and artificial intelligence experts. In the end, the genes of the two types of talents are converged in WiMAX, which makes WiMAX not only attach importance to data value, product iteration closed-loop and user experience, but also have the ability of traditional automobile industry chain collaboration, quality management and cost control, which greatly accelerates its development.

L3 “little magic box” launched this year

After two years of development, the business scope of the smart car business has already included the automatic driving system of the passenger car and the automatic driving plan of the enterprise logistics vehicle. It is also a dual product line strategy for the passenger cars and the low-end end logistics market. In the path of realizing automatic driving, Zhixing has practiced the pragmatic style of traditional automobile enterprises, chose the “step by step” strategy from L1 to L5, gradually realized the leap of each level in automatic driving, rapidly expanded its own market scale, and gradually improved the intelligent level of automobile products.

It is worth noting that the product “little magic box” of Wumo Zhixing in the field of automatic driving of passenger cars will be officially put on the market this year. It will be the first domestic automatic driving product with L3 level product capability, mass-produced lidar and Noh capability. It will reach the leading level of domestic automatic driving in three aspects: system safety, product experience and automatic driving scene coverage. In addition, in the field of low-speed driverless vehicles, the positioning of NiMo Zhixing is the helper of low-speed driverless vehicle industry. Its low-speed vehicle products “little magic disk” and “little magic camel” have been operating in many scenarios. This business line has a set of service system called “5S” in its interior, including transport capacity service (MAAS), vehicle service (VAAs), system tool service (PAAS), and so on Supply chain and hardware services (IAAs), and factory services (FAAS).

As a matter of fact, there are three main development modes in the current automatic driving industry: one is the technology company mode represented by Google waymo, which takes the robotaxi route of one step in place; The other is a business model represented by Tesla, in which electric vehicle manufacturers independently develop autonomous driving technology and produce and sell their own products; The third is the first mock exam of the Cruise model, which is generally regarded as a robust mode by the industry. The mode of cooperation between the host plant and the automatic driving team represented by GM is a typical example of this model in China. Each of these three modes has its own value. However, in order to do autonomous driving in China, it naturally needs to be bound with the main engine factory, which not only means the advantages in industrial chain collaboration, quality management, cost control and automatic driving data volume, but also a mode that can quickly realize industrialization.

Zhixing has inherited the gene of Great Wall Motor’s “extreme cost performance”, which is also the key to its rapid rise. In addition, it also has the Internet thinking attribute of attaching importance to data value, product iteration and user experience. With the “blessing” of professional investment team and top experts in the industry, we have reason to believe that in the battle field of automatic driving, the steady and unswerving wisdom will eventually become a pathfinder and leader in the field of automatic driving in China.

Windmill strategy announced for the first time

Scientific and technological intelligence needs landing, and intelligent driving needs carrier more. In terms of industrial landing, Zhixing puts forward “windmill strategy”: layout from three directions: passenger cars, low-speed logistics vehicles and intelligent hardware. Through these three directions to continuously collect scene data, so as to produce better products and achieve a virtuous cycle. Different from the waymo mode of “one step in place”, they take a steady path and gradually realize the leap of each level in automatic driving.

It is understood that the “windmill strategy” means that Wumo smart will carry out automatic driving layout from three directions of passenger cars, low-speed logistics vehicles and intelligent hardware. Among them, in the field of passenger cars, the “small box” at the beginning of the intelligent operation has been officially launched into the market with the launch of WEY brand new flagship model “Mocha” at the beginning of the year. According to the the Great Wall, the product is the first automatic driving system with the capability of L3 class products and the capability of mass production lidar and NOH (high speed automatic pilot assisted driving). The coverage of automatic driving scene can reach the leading level of domestic automatic driving in three aspects.

In the field of low-speed logistics vehicles and intelligent hardware, at the present stage, the main products of Wumo Zhixing are “little magic camel” and “little magic disk” of unmanned vehicle chassis, and the related products have been put into operation in many scenarios. For example, in February this year, Momo Zhixing and Wumart multipoint launched the “multipoint x Momo Zhixing unmanned logistics vehicle”, which was put into operation in Shunyi District of Beijing to provide distribution services for users placing orders in multipoint app. In addition, the company has signed commercial contracts with Alibaba and meituan for unmanned logistics vehicles.

Based on low-speed unmanned vehicles, Wumo Zhixing has developed a set of “5S” service system in-house, including capacity service (MAAS), vehicle service (VAAs), system tool service (PAAS), supply chain and hardware service (IAAs), and factory service (FAAS). This set of system has reached cooperation with many Internet companies.

According to Wumo Zhixing, the number of employees in the company has been close to 400 since April 2020, when the first external employee was employed. In the future, WiMAX will take the above three directions as three blades, continuously rotate and collect scene data, so as to produce better products and realize the positive development of flywheel.

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