On December 29, at the global hard technology developers conference (Hangzhou), naringdan, vice president of graffiti intelligent market and strategic cooperation, and Guo Lei, vice president of Gartner in China, jointly released the “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”, which was produced by global aiot leading enterprises graffiti intelligent, Gartner, global intelligent business and abv (aiotbusiness Vantage).

The full text of the white paper is more than 120000 words, which fully interprets the current situation, challenges and development trend of aiot industry. Among them, there are many unique views worthy of attention.

According to the white paper, with the intelligent process and the popularity of big data, as well as the hot new infrastructure concept, the spring of intelligent business era has arrived, but business applications are still facing a huge test.

At the same time, the white paper points out that in 2021, the open platform trend of aiot industry will become increasingly obvious, and developers will become the key driving force for the development of aiot industry. The more developers support the platform, the more opportunities it has to achieve win-win in the industry, popularize intelligence to all walks of life, and let intelligence fly into the homes of ordinary people.

“We would like to express our gratitude and respect for the developers who opened the era of Internet of things,” he said. We believe that developers are the key to the industry’s take-off, and that the whole industry will continue to focus on the discussion from this year to next year. “

[naringdan, vice president of graffiti smart market and strategic cooperation and CMO]

Combined with expert discussion, practical research and in-depth interviews, we talked with 35 developers at home and abroad, across 15 industries, and sorted out the experience of intelligent transformation and upgrading of leading brands in all walks of life. From macro to micro, from theory to practice, we analyzed the aiot industry from four aspects: current situation, practice, challenges and prospects, and pointed out a clearer development path for aiot developers in the future.

The current situation of global aiot industry and the way to break the circle

2020 will be the year for aiot industry to “go out of the circle”, and the commercialization process of aiot will continue to accelerate, becoming a hot tuyere in the capital market. Najingdan shared the following views at the press conference:

1. Driven by the rapid development of IOT industry and 5g, big data and other technologies, the global aiot industry is growing at a high speed, led by China.

2. Platform, application and service layer occupy the largest part of aiot industry value chain.

3. The global iotpaas market is in full swing, with an increase of 118% in five years.

4. Smart hotel, long and short rent smart apartment, smart community and smart office building have become the four key iotpaas landing scenarios, among which smart community has the largest market scale, accounting for 85%.

Two challenges of aiot industry: platform security and confusion of industry standards

While the Internet of things platform brings technology and convenience to consumers’ life, it also brings data security risks in more links. In addition, another core challenge facing the Internet of things is the incomplete standard system. The diversity of Internet of things connection technology and equipment is one of the reasons for the fragmentation of standards.

The Internet of things industry needs to develop unified standards for security, testing, connection and operation. To solve the security problem depends on the joint efforts of enterprises and the government, including the construction of Internet of things security management system.

Six prospects of aiot industry in 2021

According to the prediction of “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”, there are six major development trends of aiot industry next year: developers will play a key role in the take-off of aiot industry, aiot open platform will be the main driving force of the industry, cutting-edge new technologies will be further integrated with Internet of things, Internet of things of Tob industry will be scaled up, industrial Internet will help manufacturing upgrade comprehensively and new infrastructure will accelerate the catalysis of aiot industry Industry development.

Generally speaking, in 2021, the aiot industry will continue to maintain a high-speed development trend, and the aiot industry has transited from the period of intelligent single product to the period of ecological platform. The developers decide which ecology can obtain absolute advantages, while the open platform determines which platform can attract enough developers.

Chinese and English versions of 2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper launched in the world

In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of mobile Internet of things. In February 2013, the State Council issued the guidance on promoting the orderly and healthy development of the Internet of things. In December 2018, the central economic work conference put forward the concept of new infrastructure, emphasizing the need to “accelerate the pace of 5g business, and strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of things”.

According to the data of global intelligent business, in 2019, China’s aiot market will reach about US $55 billion. Benefiting from policy support such as new infrastructure, it will reach US $128 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of about 33%.

“2021 global aiot developer ecological white paper” was launched in the world in the presence of Swedish investment agency, AWS, Philips, Shenzhen Security Association, China Lighting Association, China smart home industry alliance, Baise bird, Mirui technology, setwell and Hongshi electric appliances. The white paper’s analysis of the industry and judgment of future trends will bring great reference value to aiot industry developers.


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