Techpowerup has just released the latest version of gpu-z 2.26.0. In addition to supporting some new hardware, it has also repaired a large number of bugs and added support for some fake graphics card cores. It is no longer afraid of being bitten by JS.

Counterfeit graphics cards generally use the old core, and make them look like the latest graphics card by means of strong brushing BIOS, which can not be found by ordinary detection software. Gpu-z has successively supported the detection of a variety of counterfeit graphics cards in history.

This time, gpu-z mainly added support for fake cards based on two Kepler architecture low-end cores, gk107 and gk208, and fixed the problem that NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300 was falsely reported as a fake graphics card.

Gpu-z 2.26.0 was officially released and added support for some counterfeit graphics card cores

The detailed update log is as follows:

– add support for AMD RX 5500 and Rx 5500m

– add RTX 2060 and Quadro P520 supporting NVIDIA tu104 core

– added support for detecting counterfeit graphics cards based on NVIDIA gk107 and gk208 cores

– added support for detecting counterfeit GTX 1050 Ti based on NVIDIA gk107 core

– update the display memory temperature prompt of AMD graphics card. The displayed value is the highest temperature rather than the average temperature

– the AMD fan shutdown repair mechanism added in the previous version was cancelled. There was an error, and the AMD version 19.9.1 driver started to repair this problem

– the sensor tab reset button moves one pixel to align

– Fixed a program crash when saving BIOS on almost all NVIDIA graphics cards recently

– fixed the problem of program startup crash when the driver is not installed on AMD Navi graphics card

– fixed the problem of incomplete display at the bottom of ASUS Rog version window

– fixed the problem that the PCIe slot on the Vega 20 graphics card was idle

– fixed the problem of crossfire detection error on Navi and Vega 20 graphics cards

– fixed the problem that NVIDIA Quadro NVS 300 was falsely reported as a counterfeit graphics card


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