Google showed a new smart watch with built-in radar system, which can realize suspension touch control, and the big hand can play with the small screen.

Google released a new watch that supports suspended touch

Google’s atap is the origin of Google’s various black technologies. Naturally, this watch is also the latest masterpiece of the laboratory. In addition, the project ara module mobile phone, Project Tango real-time 3D and live VR movies (Spotlight stories) are also under the command of the laboratory. To sum up the laboratory in an exaggerated sentence, that is, the future of the world is in this laboratory.

Google released a new watch that supports suspended touch

The highlight of this watch is that atap has installed a complete radar system into a watch. The chip developed by this team is incredibly thin, and the accuracy of the radar is also very high. It can not only detect large metal objects flying miles away, but also detect the movement track of fingers between square inches. Due to the complexity of the radar chip, poupyrev, the project leader, said that once it broke, it would not be repaired.

At present, the watch is still in the test stage. We haven’t known the specific price and listing time, but it can’t be repaired if it breaks down. Will all friends buy this “disposable watch”?

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