There is no need to repeat how failed Google glass is. As a highly anticipated but low cost Google hardware product, the consumer version of Google glass was discontinued in 2015.

Later, Google seems to have given up the $1500 product without pushing too many software updates. Now, it seems that Google is ready to get rid of the product completely.

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Google has just released the last software update of Google glass, which needs to be manually installed by users. After installation, the link function between Google glass and the server and the Google account on the device will be deleted, and Gmail and Youtube on Google glass will disappear.

Of course, Google glass can still pair with mobile phones through Bluetooth and use some local functions, such as taking photos and videos.

However, this does not mean that Google glass will disappear completely in Google’s product line, and the enterprise version of Google glass will not be affected. Google just released the second generation of Google glass enterprise version in May this year. It said that H.B Fuller, Sutter health, Deutsche Post Group and AGCO have already used Google glasses in logistics, logistics and other industries Manufacturing and field service industries.

Google glass's last software update will delete Google account link function

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