Google fiber said on Thursday that its 2gbps service has been widely used in Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama, foreign media reported. It is reported that fiber launched tests in these areas earlier this year. In Nashville and Huntsville, new and old Google fiber users can choose between $70 and 1gps per month or $100 and 2gps per month.

Google fiber promotes 2gbps ultra fast network service in American cities

Google said the latter was designed for super users, the latest devices and advanced smart homes that use a lot of Internet. 2gbps service is provided with Google fibermulti rigrouter, which uses wi-fi-6.

Google fiber is a network service launched by Google in 2010, with a network speed of 1Gbps. At present, it has provided Internet services in more than ten cities in the United States. It is reported that customers who are not in Nashville or Huntsville can register to test 2gbps services through the company’s trusted tester project.

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