Since the reform of artificial intelligence technology in 2017, artificial intelligence, which has been born for more than 60 years, has opened the “third wave”. In just two or three years, the power of artificial intelligence has spilled over the scope of scientific research in Colleges and universities, such as face recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, big data analysis and mining, and began to play a powerful role in security, finance, retail and other scenes.

After the first year of commercial landing, artificial intelligence is gradually moving towards large-scale commercial use, and the head company has begun to realize its investment value. On July 20, the Cambrian era of “the first share of AI chip” landed on the science and technology innovation board, and its market value once soared from more than 20 billion yuan at the issue price to 100 billion yuan“ Shangtang, Kuangshi and Yuncong in the “Ai four little dragons” have plans to land in the secondary market.

With the implementation of “new infrastructure”, new technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain will become the focus of construction. What new landing opportunities will the construction and improvement of 5g, Internet of things, industrial Internet and other communication infrastructure bring to AI? In which application scenarios will ordinary users experience the changes brought by artificial intelligence?

From September 17 to 18, 2020, the 2020 Xi’an global hard science and Technology Innovation Conference, sponsored by the Xi’an municipal Party committee, the Xi’an Municipal People’s government, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the torch high tech industry development center of the Ministry of science and technology, and the Department of science and technology of Shanxi Province, will be officially held in Xi’an.

AI leaders summit is one of the agenda of the Xi’an global hard Technology Innovation Conference. Experts and entrepreneurs from the well-known AI industry will gather to discuss the future development and landing opportunities of AI technology. As one of the components of hard science and technology, how will AI become the engine and kinetic energy of high-quality economic and social development.

Catch up with the third wave, artificial intelligence large-scale commercial landing is around the corner

Google develops artificial intelligence robot alphago to be born in 4 years

Alphago, an artificial intelligence robot developed by deepmind, a company of Google, beat Li Shishi, the world champion and professional nine stage player of go, 4-1. By using deep learning technology, alphago can be linked together through a suitable number of matrices and multi-layer tissues, which has a working mechanism similar to biological neural brain.

Three years later, after the “first year of artificial intelligence application” in 2017, the large-scale commercial application that people expect has not yet come. In this wave, does AI have a bright future of commercialization, or is it ebbing?

The answer should be the former. Compared with the Turing test in the first wave and the speech recognition in the second wave, the current artificial intelligence has a certain ability of independent judgment, and it no longer needs human help to “exhaust” all the possibilities. It is precisely because of the ability of “autonomous learning”, artificial intelligence can give full play to the advantages of computing power, surpass people in efficiency, and then enter the application scene to realize business value.

As the curtain of “new infrastructure” slowly opens, 5g, Internet of things, industrial Internet and other communication infrastructure will continue to improve, the connection of various equipment terminals will be closer and closer, and artificial intelligence will have more access to users. 2020 is likely to be the first year of AI’s large-scale commercial landing in China.

Gathering in Xi’an, the capital of hard science and technology, the fire of hard science and technology can start a prairie fire

Hard science and technology refers to the high-end original technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotechnology, optoelectronic chip, information technology, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, etc., which is based on independent research and development and needs long-term R & D investment and continuous accumulation.

As the “capital of hard science and technology”, Xi’an is not only the gathering place of national science and education and military industry resources, but also a trendsetter of new technology. In the field of artificial intelligence, Xi’an has strong R & D foundation and talent advantages in intelligent perception processing and intelligent interaction.

In January 2020, Xi’an successfully declared “national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone”. In April, six of the first batch of “Xi’an new generation of AI open innovation platform” including “visual information processing and application”, “UAV system”, “intelligent perception and image understanding”, “intelligent Internet of vehicles”, “interdisciplinary integration of AI” and “inclusive AI” were officially launched, and the ecological construction of AI industry was in full swing.

In addition to policy support and ecological construction, emerging enterprises engaged in artificial intelligence and other hard technologies have been able to test the capital market and accelerate the process of hard technology business landing after the establishment of the science and technology innovation board.

In November 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping inspecting in Shanghai pointed out that the establishment of the scientific creation board and the pilot registration system should stick to the position, improve the quality of listed companies, support and encourage the listing of “hard technology” enterprises, strengthen information disclosure, reasonably guide the anticipation, and strengthen supervision.

In September, Xi’an printed and issued the “Xi’an city to speed up the promotion of science and technology innovation enterprise listing support policy” to support and reward hard technology enterprises listed on the science and technology innovation board. With the gradual implementation of relevant policies of “national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone”, the soil for cultivating hard technology enterprises in Xi’an will be more fertile.

This 2020 Xi’an global hard science and Technology Innovation Conference focuses on “hard science and technology promoting high-quality development”, and discusses “hard science and technology original innovation”, “hard science and technology capital integration” and “hard science and technology achievements transformation”. Scholars and entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence will discuss the development and business implementation of AI technology at the summit.

Whether it’s the Cambrian era, the “first share of AI chip”, or Shangtang, Kuangshi and Yuncong, which are actively preparing to go public, will speed up the large-scale commercial implementation of AI. In the global economic downturn, the negative impact of COVID-19 is still under the continuous background. Artificial intelligence as the representative of hard technology is expected to break through the bottleneck of economic growth, and become a new engine of China’s economy.

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