Google data center explosion injures 3 people, Google downtime suspected

Google data center explosion? This will happen again, which is really an eye-opener. According to US media reports, at noon on the 8th local time, an explosion occurred at a Google data center in Iowa, USA, injuring three people.

The cause of the Google data center explosion is still under investigation. Reports say that the Google data center explosion was caused by an arc flash (electrical explosion) when three electricians were working at a substation near the data center building.

Image source Google official website

Is this Google data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, one of Google’s largest and opened in 2009, in disrepair? It seems that the Google data center exploded, which also caused the Google website to go down, and the Google search service failed on the evening of the 8th local time. Of course, Google said to the outside world that there is no connection between the explosion of the Google data center and the downtime, and that the service interruption was due to a software update problem.

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